Monday, October 12, 2009


Backsliding into Beading

I've let another month go by without updating. Maybe I just don't have a life anymore... Maybe Twitter really has replaced my blog... maybe life has gotten busier and I just don't have the time. I'm not sure what my reason is. I sort of miss it. But, when I think about blogging I can't think of anything to talk about anymore. I'm not quiting the blog. I'm just saying.... somehow I can't seem to keep up with it. I used to feel it was very healthy for my mental state. I think it still would be, if I'd just keep up with it.

Life at the Library has been crazy. I feel as though I have ranted about that enough. I don't plan to rant on it again. I think I'm doing better with my drugs. I have hope anyway. I still miss the drugs I was on last year.... I don't miss the migraines though. I keep telling myself the migraines aren't worth going back.... but I really do miss that drug. And it's not like I don't get migraines now... I've started popping my migraine meds as if they were candy. Not good when it's $23 a pill. I had a bad headache yesterday but I stubbornly decided not to take the migraine medicine. I survived... didn't make it to church but I survived. But all the migraines aside... life is picking up, so I'm happy. I even started beading some more yesterday. I didn't mean to. It just sort of happened. I needed some brown cord so I went into the bead section of Michael's I resisted the beads there but then when Michael's didn't have the cord I needed I went to Hobby Lobby. They were having a sale on findings... so I bought some. I made two fabulous necklaces last night. That's how I describe them anyway. Then today, on my lunch break I went to a different Hobby Lobby and bought some beads... cause they were on sale. I really need to learn to control myself better. I probably have $1,000 worth of beads. I seriously don't need to be buying more. Must learn to say no. I think I went about a year before back sliding. Maybe I can learn to stay away from the bead sections of stores and use what I've got. I'm going to try really hard.

Oh, but I did get the brown cord I needed today at Hobby Lobby... hence the reason I went. Wish that hadn't been having that sale. Dadburnit! I think I could have resisted otherwise. But, after all, I am my mother's daughter. I can't resist a sale.

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