Friday, February 12, 2010


It's Snowing

It's been a while since we had a really good snow in my neck of the woods. We've had a couple of dusting so far this year which has bee highly unusual.

Today is one of those dusting days. It's not as much snow as we wanted but beggars can't be choosers and it's a nice novelty for us.

I work at a school with a beautiful campus. It's just as lovely covered in snow.

BTW one of the students here nailed me with a snow ball just as I took the above shot. I'm not really sure why.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hope for Microfilm

Okay so work is a little stressful right now. Everyone has stress at work... I know. Right now it's very stressful for me. I cannot tell you that and just leave it there.... I feel the need to explain why... a little.

So, back in June we lost a staff member because she had a baby and wanted to be a stay at home mom. Great for her. Can't blame her. But due to the economy, she was not replaced. Last year the work we have been doing for the Baptists increased by like 200% and the year before that like %164 percent. That's a lot of work and basically we all fell apart a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday, the Microfilm Lab Technician and I were laughing hysterically as we looked over some reports and we came up with the need to create ourselves a ribbon. You know, like the Aids Ribbon... or the Hope for Haiti Ribbon. Clearly, no one at SU is dying so it might be in bad taste but we had some film that wasn't being used and made this.

If you look closely... very, very closely you will see that is the St. Clair News Aegis from 2008. And you know... as an additional FYI, I made that strip yesterday and I burnt my finger doing it. So, that ribbon does, in fact, represent pain in my life... just not death.

If you would like to have a Ribbon in Support of the Special Collection and Microfilm Dept. one can be made available for you for just the price of shipping and handling.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Love ya


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello, it's me

So, I have about 15 mins to spare for a lunch break and I don't want to spend it being productive.... I really want to spend it at JoAnn's Fabrics and officially I could BUT, I want to keep the ol' lunch break down to 15mins soooooo.... in thinking what could I spend it on, I remembered my ol' blog.

I don't know why I don't blog anymore... I think it really might be that twitter and facebook have just taken over my life. That's my theory anyway. Plus, my days at work are pretty busy, that's not new, I just have no desire to be on a computer any longer than I have to it seems. And even though I have that app on my iPhone that will let me blog from it... I find that my hand cramps up if I do too much typing on it... so, I just don't blog so much anymore. Besides, all I seemed to do in those last posts was complain... that's no fun.

I've become addicted to knitting. I love it! My library director got me started then a few friends fueled the fire. I don't know how I lived my life before. I can only do scarves, hats and such but I'm good with that. Oddly, enough I actually have no desire to progress to sweaters. I think that would kill my love for knitting. I foresee myself working hard on a sweater only to find that the sleeves were different sizes OR worse, it didn't fit. There would be no joy in that.

So that's why I wanted to go to JoAnn's... I want more yarn. Wish JoAnn's sold hot dogs like Sam's Club..... or I wish Sam's Club sold pretty yarns. Oh well....

If you have favorite yarn/knitting sites let me know. Here's one of mine
Vickie Howell

Time to get back to work...
Love you all.


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