Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello, it's me

So, I have about 15 mins to spare for a lunch break and I don't want to spend it being productive.... I really want to spend it at JoAnn's Fabrics and officially I could BUT, I want to keep the ol' lunch break down to 15mins soooooo.... in thinking what could I spend it on, I remembered my ol' blog.

I don't know why I don't blog anymore... I think it really might be that twitter and facebook have just taken over my life. That's my theory anyway. Plus, my days at work are pretty busy, that's not new, I just have no desire to be on a computer any longer than I have to it seems. And even though I have that app on my iPhone that will let me blog from it... I find that my hand cramps up if I do too much typing on it... so, I just don't blog so much anymore. Besides, all I seemed to do in those last posts was complain... that's no fun.

I've become addicted to knitting. I love it! My library director got me started then a few friends fueled the fire. I don't know how I lived my life before. I can only do scarves, hats and such but I'm good with that. Oddly, enough I actually have no desire to progress to sweaters. I think that would kill my love for knitting. I foresee myself working hard on a sweater only to find that the sleeves were different sizes OR worse, it didn't fit. There would be no joy in that.

So that's why I wanted to go to JoAnn's... I want more yarn. Wish JoAnn's sold hot dogs like Sam's Club..... or I wish Sam's Club sold pretty yarns. Oh well....

If you have favorite yarn/knitting sites let me know. Here's one of mine
Vickie Howell

Time to get back to work...
Love you all.


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