Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Meat Please

So, this past weekend I became a vegetarian by accident... or maybe stupidity. I think it was probably more stupidity. It certainly wasn't by choice. I'm a carnivore. I eat meat. I love meat. If meat is an option why would I not choose to eat meat. I wouldn't. Others do and for good reasons. I respect that. Honestly, I do. But, I want meat.

On Sunday, I went to this restaurant downtown where you go to a bar and choose which food you want and then take it over to a chef and have him or her stir fry it for you. Well, I thought I had chosen chicken and pasta... but what I got was potatoes and pasta. It was still pretty yummy but chicken would have been better. I paid $15 for stir fried potatoes and pasta though. That was a little upsetting. Once I realized my mistake I planned to go back for steak or shrimp or something... only that potato pasta filled me up. Sad. I'm sure I'll go back some time. I will not make the same mistake twice.... or will I?

Yesterday, I planned to have Sister Shubert sausage rolls for dinner.... Only, I didn't get the ones with sausage in them. I got plain ol' yeast rolls. I didn't realize this mistake until I took a bite. At first I thought Sister Shubert had made a mistake on one of my rolls... So, I ate another one. Yeah, they were all like that... because I bought yeast rolls not sausage rolls. Fraggle Rock.

I swear I think I nearly got the shakes last night. I went without any meat for about 64 hours. That was unprecedented. I don't want to ever do that again.

Today for lunch, I went out to a Barbecue restaurant. I was pretty sure I couldn't go wrong with barbecue. Thank goodness for Barbecue. Finally, I had some meat!

Friday, November 21, 2008


"Follow Your Bliss" Aye Aye Joseph Campbell

Last night I got to go to a concert that was fun, young and hip. I am none of those things but the person who invited me was, so it was cool. (Thank you LM) It was sort of a living room show featuring Matthew Mayfield and Griffin House. I, of course, really like young Mr. Mayfield. But, I hadn’t actually gotten the chance to see/hear Griffin House before even though I had heard of him. Turns out, I quite like him. I knew I would. And, I love his name. I want a child so I can name him/her Griffin. Rufus Griffin or Griffin Rufus would that work? I’m not so sure. I guess maybe I’ll need two children. A Griffin and a Rufus. I don’t really see that happening. Maybe I could just name my next cats Griffin and Rufus. That's not really the same. But, sometimes you just have to work with the cards you are dealt. The concert was downtown in a loft/photo studio and it was the coolest thing. And it was a whole bunch of yougens that pulled it off. I swear they all looked like kids. In my head, this group of guys lead the best life ever. How wonderful it must be to be young, talented and creative like that. I’m trying to figure out how I can fit that life into my Librarian world. I’m going to have to get A LOT cooler and I will need a new house. Those fellas certainly seem to be doing what they love and love what they doing and making a fantastic living while doing it. What a great thing.

So this morning I came to work all fired up that I must find a new house that can be cool and support such concerts. That clearly isn’t going to happen any time soon… Certainly not with my Collyer brother like tendencies or the housing market. BUT, Purple and I did come up with a plan to open a themed restaurant several weeks ago. I think we could make it cool and artsy and host concerts. How fantastic! I’m fired up about this plan. Can a librarian chick with no business skills or culinary taste open a cool restaurant? That is a good question. I told my coworker about our plan and she said she’d eat there.

Clearly, this is not something that I’m actually going to quit my job over… but perhaps I can push Purple into pursuing it a little. She’s creative and smart… I’d like to hang on to her coattails and become a girl with a fabulous life just like those boys downtown.

Oh and by the way, Urban Standard catered the event… they have the yummiest cookies I have ever tasted. They were sugar cookies with some sort of cream in them… but sooooo much better than the ones you might buy at a mall. I need to find out where their store is located and spend money there… actually, I don’t need to do that. I need to remember and fight my muffin top. Raggle Fraggle… must focus on happy things….

Friends….Concerts… Coffee…. Life….. sigh.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I don't want a muffin top!

I've decided to gain weight. Not out right, but apparently subconsciously because I'm eating anything I cross paths with, with no thought whatsoever. I'm not happy. I just put on a pair of jeans to go out tonight. I have a clear muffin top and I'm loosing feeling in my left leg. I'm sure the right one is not far behind. I changed at work so there is nothing to be done about it other than put my work pants back on. I don't want to have to resort to that. I'm going to try and do some squats or something to stretch the jeans out a bit then I'll have to check the results in the bathroom mirror. Dagnabit. I had a feeling I'd put on some weight. I hate having that thought confirmed. I'm not sure what to do about it. I know that seems odd... but, you know I didn't really try to loose weight in the first place. I just cut out sodas. I have started drinking those pesky things again but only a couple a week. I hardly ever finish a can of soda even when I do have it. However, I am addicted to juice. I've admitted this before... since I don't think my soda intake is that great I guess I'm going to have to blame the juice. Something must be blamed. I don't want to blame cake. hmph. or donuts. But, I'm not sure I can give up my juice. I love love love that minute maid stuff... mmmmmm good.

Last night I went by Sams to return some pants, while I was there I took a gander at their cakes. I love their cakes... but as a single chick...I know I have no business taking one home... Only, last night they had a spice cake. I'm a sucker for anything spice. yummy. I totally bought it and took it home with me. I'm giving it a good home. Still, this afternoon, I called my mother and told her to stop by my house and take at least half of it away. I hope she does. That would be good for my belly. I think, I'll freeze what ever is left over. I'm not good at pulling such things out of my freezer to eat. I'll pull meat or frozen dinners out but never frozen junk food. I'm too impatient for it. I think the freezer is a good plan because it will still be there, just not accessible.

This is not good. Not a good thing to realize the week before Thanksgiving. I must plan accordingly. Fraggle Rock!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Don't Blame Me

So, someone recommended this book titled UnChristian to me. Then, at opening convocation for the 2008/2009 academic year the president of my university quoted from it. So, I've started reading it. I'm a slow reader. I'm also ornery. I'm not that far into it. But, it's very interesting. And, I'd recommend it. Anyway, one of the questions it brings up is how are we (Christians) representing God? Which is a good question to ask isn't it?

Anyway, someone at work posted a link to this video about proposition 8 and it's kind of heart breaking. And it makes me think of the UnChristian Book and how sad it is that this is how people view us and what that says about God. I mean whether you'd vote yes or no to prop8. It's just heart breaking on so many levels. I'm pretty sure God is not looking good here. Why is that and how can it be changed? I sorta think that what happened with prop8 was UnChristian. But, I don't know that I totally understand what I just said.

And another from this guy named Sam Harris... who is a guy I adore. That man can sing!

I think God took a hit on this one. God will not be mocked. What is right here? I'm just afraid that people who don't know God are hating him because of what I may or may not believe. Part of me wonders if there really are enough "Fundamental" religious people to have made that vote go that way. I don't know, but California isn't know for religion is it? Didn't everyone get a vote? How did that happen?

At least Richard Foster was in no way involved with this... I don't think. (that's a poor attempt at a joke)


Live in Concert - So Many Free Options

I don't know how I missed this website offered by NPR but I did. I've got soooo much catching up to do. Thank goodness they also offer it at iTunes. I'm in concert/podcast heaven! I'm so utterly happy right now. I knew about All Songs Considered. But, I did not know of Live in Concert from All Songs Considered. This is a very good day! If you didn't know about it and have crazy tastes in music, then check it out. I'm currently listening to Mr. Tom Waits because I'm oddly obsessed with him. Spunky reignited my obsession by making me a mix cd with several of his songs on there. I listened to "Cold Water" no less than 5 times on my way to work this morning. I am also oddly obsessed with Jack White so I'm excited to have the opportunity to listen to the Raconteurs' show too. Woohoo! But there's just sooo much there. I'm going to need to spend a lot of time alone listening to this stuff and gleaning musical knowledge. I guess there are times when it pays not to be socially in demand. Although, I do have quite the schedule laid out for me up through Christmas. I mostly have Purple to thank for that. Although, LM has also hooked me up with a Matthew Mayfield concert this week. As you know, I love him so I'm excited. Anyone else want to request my presence somewhere... Time is running out. But, rest assured I don't have much of a life. I depend on others to make one happen for me. And I appreciate it when they take up that challenge.

So, I thought I'd report that I didn't buy a Kindle. I felt I deserved some sort of fancy gadget. I'm not really a gadget girl; but, couldn't I perhaps become one? Plus, I was sooo excited about the possibility of still owning books but not taking up shelf space. But, after much consideration and watching many online reviews, I'm not sure the Kindle is the gadget for me. Perhaps when they update it, I will change my mind. In the end, the side buttons to flip pages seemed like they would annoy me. I can't spend $300 to be annoyed. I can get that much cheaper at home already. My other gadget consideration is the iPod Touch. Those commercials on television that feature different Apps are really working on me. However, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting one of those any time soo either. Maybe, I'm really not a future gadget girl after all. I'm a little saddened by that realization.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You got to be open to it.

I can’t decide what part of my outrage over the Foster Debacle was really just my pride. I’m pretty sure that somewhere my pride must have been involved. I want to say that I really didn’t care about the book itself but instead my outrage was over Christian writers being made to appear as heretical. For the last few weeks, as I played six degrees of separation I felt pretty self-righteous that I would NEVER EVER say things to make other believers appear evil… then I remembered that perhaps I would and, in fact, I have. There’s a certain Southern Baptist leader that literally drives me bonkers. I merely have to see his name on something and I lose my mind. And you should really hope you aren’t anywhere near me if I happen to see him on CNN or Fox News. It’s not pretty. Still, I’ve never called him a heretic. I just call him a jerk… or, uhm… idiot. Not good. So, I can’t say that I will stop thinking of him as a jerk but perhaps this can help me put an additional perspective on the Foster Debacle. I’m not sure what that perspective is yet… other than I can be wrong about other believers as well. Even though we do have different ideas and beliefs… I don’t know what I can learn from him. I’m sure there must be something, it may just take a while for me to figure it out and, of course, I’m going to need to be open to it first. That’s the real problem, I’m not open to hearing him.

BTW... Are any of you listening to Sara Groves' podcasts from her Art Music Justice tour? She's kicking my butt. I'm listening to the one about "Spiritual Buffalo" right now. I think it's number 5. Wow! Uhm, and yeah, I still did the 6 degrees thing... she spent some time on simplicity... Foster wrote a book about that. Ugh... When will I get over this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The good thing about migraines

Well, if you must suffer migraines... at least now doctors have found a silver lining.

Apparently, women who suffer migraines are 30% less likely to get breast cancer.
Here's the story.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a great deal of time on my couch with a bean bag on my head. Those of you who get them, like me may agree with me.... it's not worth it. Maybe if it was 60% less likely... that'd be better.

I don't guess we get that option.

Fraggle Rock... Well, at least we've got something to cling to as a sunny side.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The Foster Debacle and my Inability to Get a Grip

My life has become six degrees of separation. And who is degree number 1? Richard Foster. Every time I hear a religious quote of some sort or even a song… I think, “is that said person in any way linked to Richard Foster?” Sad but true and it is also very distracting from whatever it is I should be thinking about. I mean, yesterday in church my pastor was throwing around all kinds of quotes about love and service and talking about what Christ would do…. And all I could think was…. We’re starting to get mystical here in the Baptist church… Heresy!

I have never claimed to be a good person. I’m mean, stubborn, willful and incredibly sarcastic. I’m usually all good with alternate opinions until some random line gets crossed and then everything must be put in terms of black and white. There is no in-between. These random lines are hardly ever crossed in my life but when they are… It’s hard from me to move on. It’s crazy. And not good. This is what has happened to me with Richard Foster. Recently someone described him as a new age mystic that didn’t believe in salvation (basic research for the statement was performed on Wikipedia) So now in my sarcastically inclined brain, anyone connected to Richard Foster in any sort of way at all… I’m labeling that person as a new age heretic. This would include folks like, Eugene Peterson, Max Lucado and Beth Moore. Clearly, those people are not heretics. But in my new black and white world they are because I can easily connect them to Foster. I realize that even if I can connect all those people, that doesn’t mean they agree on everything and I realize that this logic is no good. But emotionally, I’ve yet to be able to get a grip. When that accusation was made… I went ballistic. Every writer and songwriter who has had any influence on me sort of fell like dominoes with Foster. Where should lines be drawn? Who is good and who is bad? Can we not learn from people with different beliefs? If you don’t ever hear other opinions or beliefs, how do you know what you believe? The argument was also made that some people aren’t educated enough to know what is scripturally sound. REALLY! Scripturally sound according to whom? There is something like 57 different kinds of Baptists alone that base their faith and doctrine on the Bible. Who is right? Should I only read someone who is my particular flavor of Baptist? Ridiculous!

This all led to somewhat of a denominational crisis for me. I began to wonder that maybe I had been influenced by other non Baptists and perhaps I’m not actually a Baptist. Except, I didn’t join my church lightly. I’ve read the Baptist Faith and Message. Sure, I prefer the 1963 version to the current one… but, it’s not like I don’t know what it says. If I’m not crazy about the current version, should that affect my denominational choice? I wonder. Maybe I should consider that. So many questions have been raised by this whole Foster debacle. The new version of the BF&Mbasically limits women’s leadership roles in the church. I’m a chick… hence my problem. But, whenever I think about it… I just think of the Alabama women missionaries to China back at the beginning of the 20th century. They used to get letters from the men back home reprimanding them for preaching the Gospel. The women would write back that they understood their place and just as soon as the men showed up, they’d step down. Isn’t that great! That makes me laugh. How smart were they?!? (If time permitted I could totally document that if you should so desire. Or Check out Flynt’s book titled Alabama Baptists. )

Anyway, my pastor’s sermon yesterday did make me feel like perhaps I was still a Baptist. Apparently, according to him, you can believe in the love of God and be a Baptist all at the same time. Crazy... That notion! It's not just Christian mystics who believe in that. Woohoo!

I sort of feel like my right to think was capped by the whole Foster debacle too. But, if it wasn’t capped… check out this quote from the Rabbit Room Posted recently.

“No man is better for knowing that God so loved the world of men that He gave His only begotten Son to die for their redemption. In hell there are millions who know that. Theological truth is useless unless it is obeyed. The purpose behind all doctrine is to secure moral action.”

A nonBaptist by the name of A. W. Tozer said that. Doesn’t that make you think? My initial reaction was, “What!” Did Tozer just toss John 3:16 out the window! Nah… but what a thought provoking quote. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tozer would make the list of acceptable writers for me to discuss… so, I’ll just leave it at that… and keep reading the Rabbit Room.

Disclaimer - Many people involved with the Foster Debacle are intelligent people who really aren't closed minded at all.... They just also aren't as insane as I am and can move on with life.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Two Parties, Two Costumes

This Halloween I had two parties to go to and needed two costumes. The stress of this was almost to much for me to handle. I'm not sure I can participate in future costume endeavor type functions.

For the first one, I went as a chick fishing for compliments. I had a fishing pole with lures on it, such as "Should I cut my hair?" "What do you think of this dress?" "Are my earlobes okay?" Then I cut out fish to tie to the fishing vest I wore and wrote things like. "You're hot!" "You've got lovely earlobes." and "That outfit looks fantastic on you." on the fish. You can't really tell any of that from the above picture. So, I just wanted to fill you in.

Then for the second party, I was Thing 1 and Purple was Thing 2. Spunkey made the costume suggestion a couple of weeks ago when I was desperately trying to think of something. It's good to have friends who have your back.

Another girl showed up as the Cat in the Hat. That was totally unplanned. What good fortune.

I must admit to you, I felt a little naked with my hair up like that. Seriously, I don't know that I'm cut out for costumes. But, it was still fun. It will take me a while to recover.

So does blue hair look good on me? (The fishing continues - Listen, you have to do what you have to do)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


God Bless America - I've been bribed. Kinda

Well, I just got in to work. And before I get going really good, I would like to take a moment to tell you about my morning.

First off... I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned. That didn't take as long as I had expected so I went to go vote. The crowds weren't to bad. I heard they were much worse earlier. Anyway, I was in and out in about 20 minutes... So, I put my "I voted" sticker on and drove down the road to Krispey Kreme where I was awarded a FREE Chocolate sprinkled donut. Then I drove down to Starbucks and got a FREE coffee.

After getting off work, I think I will go by Chic-fil-a and get a FREE sandwich for dinner. Then, I shall go by Ben & Jerry's for a FREE scoop of ice cream.

By then it should be about time for my Bible Study group to start, so I'll head that way and once again... stop by Starbucks and have myself another FREE coffee.

What a great country. God Bless America. I'm getting paid to vote. Sorta.

And in case you were wondering.... I voted no to all amendments this morning except for one. I feel a little guilty about that. I won't tell you which one I voted yes to... I only had read two of them.... didn't care to read the others... I've become a cog in the wheel for the 1901 Alabama State Constitution.... Am I now a bad person? I sent an email to the ACCR (not sure they would endorse my voting no to amendments) asking for a bumper sticker... the email address I used had a Buechner quote as a signature. "All moments are key moments and life itself is grace." That's my favorite of favorite quotes... I got a note back from this guy there that simply said, "I love Buechner." That totally made my day... maybe I should send them money. hmmm.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Please, don't encourage the librarian

Raise your hand if you know me... I mean really know me.... Because if you do you will remember the whole Malcolm Gets incident... and later the Kevin Anderson falderall.

I mean, I learned from the whole Malcolm Gets thing... and I knew that when I heard Kevin Anderson sing on the London cast recording for Sunset Boulevard... I knew it was better not to research him and actually find out who he was. Then, quite by accident I found out that not only did he have a fantastic voice but he also was pretty darn cute and he drove a motorcycle... but, I recovered.

Well, friends it has happened again. This time the man's name is Jeffry Dean Morgan. You may know him as Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy. I knew right off the first time I saw him on that show, I didn't need to know anything about him. I took precautions. But, best laid plans of mice, men and librarians... often lead to things that are not good. Friday night my friend LBW started talking about him... and the next thing I knew I was finding out details I didn't need to know... like his name. Fraggle Rock. Danger! Danger! I'm on to my next obsession. I wonder if he does theater work. Hmmm. cause I can stand next to a stage door.... Now, I'm going to be praying "Please God, let him do theater work." But, the rest of you, You ought to be praying for my sanity... and perhaps that he stays away from theaters. I don't need to be encouraged by the kindness of a stranger....

And you know this weekend, when not in bed with a headache.... I was listening/watching to Stephen Sondheim's Passion. I find that a little ironic... since it's all about this ugly, sickly woman who basically stalks a man until he falls in love with her. It's a fantastic play. Honestly! But, I may be thinking to much about Fosca, the main character, and what exactly it is that worked for her.

Thank goodness Purple will be showing me that independent film I think we're alone now this weekend. That ought to pull me back down to earth.

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