Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Meat Please

So, this past weekend I became a vegetarian by accident... or maybe stupidity. I think it was probably more stupidity. It certainly wasn't by choice. I'm a carnivore. I eat meat. I love meat. If meat is an option why would I not choose to eat meat. I wouldn't. Others do and for good reasons. I respect that. Honestly, I do. But, I want meat.

On Sunday, I went to this restaurant downtown where you go to a bar and choose which food you want and then take it over to a chef and have him or her stir fry it for you. Well, I thought I had chosen chicken and pasta... but what I got was potatoes and pasta. It was still pretty yummy but chicken would have been better. I paid $15 for stir fried potatoes and pasta though. That was a little upsetting. Once I realized my mistake I planned to go back for steak or shrimp or something... only that potato pasta filled me up. Sad. I'm sure I'll go back some time. I will not make the same mistake twice.... or will I?

Yesterday, I planned to have Sister Shubert sausage rolls for dinner.... Only, I didn't get the ones with sausage in them. I got plain ol' yeast rolls. I didn't realize this mistake until I took a bite. At first I thought Sister Shubert had made a mistake on one of my rolls... So, I ate another one. Yeah, they were all like that... because I bought yeast rolls not sausage rolls. Fraggle Rock.

I swear I think I nearly got the shakes last night. I went without any meat for about 64 hours. That was unprecedented. I don't want to ever do that again.

Today for lunch, I went out to a Barbecue restaurant. I was pretty sure I couldn't go wrong with barbecue. Thank goodness for Barbecue. Finally, I had some meat!

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