Thursday, August 28, 2008


Donald and Barack

Okay, I know I already posted today… but I just had to share this….
First off, I got this email from CNN Wed night as a breaking news alert…. “Barack Obama wins Democratic Party's presidential nomination after Hillary Clinton's motion on the convention floor.” REALLY, is that REALLY breaking news? REALLY? Must quote Gob here, “Come on!”

Okay, then I received an email from Donald Miller. Attached was this picture of Donald delivering the closing benediction at the DNC Monday night.

Okay so I didn’t watch ANY of the Democratic National Convention. Does that make me a bad person? Whatever. Frankly, I don’t think my attitude on the matter counts right now. But, that will not keep me from voting, because you know this is a free country and all… AND it’s my right… but really – what is the point. Anyway, I’m not sure why but Donald’s email annoyed me. Like, seriously annoyed me. People are allowed to be Democrats or Republicans…. It’s a free country. Whatever. I don’t care if you want to be – well whatever you want to be politically is fine with me. I don’t care… Well, maybe sometimes I care… but currently, I don’t care. Maybe in 4 years I’ll care. Anyway, in Donald’s email to me he mentioned checking out some email correspondence between He and Barack Obama. “Great! What the heck is that all about?” Does Donald really want to be Barack’s friend? I mean sure there is a good chance that the man will be president; but, his friends seem a little questionable to me. I’m just saying. But of course, don’t we all need friends who know Jesus. Sure we do. Barack does too. Okay, whatever. So, I clicked on the link to Donald’s blog and read the correspondence…. Really, honestly… you must check it out…. All is forgiven with me and Donald. Democrat or Republican… it was worth reading. Now the question is this…. Should I try to find Donald Miller’s speech from the DNC on the Internet? Tough question. I’ll ponder the value of that for the next few days. Anyway, Donald had me going there for a moment... and I'm telling ya, I was getting a little hot. Don't know why.



I can justify this, I can justify that

“God did not give Joseph any special information about how to get from being the son of a nomad in Palestine to being Pharaoh’s right hand man in Egypt. What He did give Joseph was eleven jealous brothers, the attention of a very loose and vengeful woman, the ability to do the service of interpreting dreams and managing other people's affairs, and the grace to do that faithfully wherever he was.” – Rich Mullins

My secret parking place at work has been repaved and relined and thus has become a prime parking location for the students. What does this mean? When I come in late – I’ve got no where to park. The answer to this problem is to get to work earlier. As you know, I’ve been praying for a miracle in that area for a while now. I have to wonder is this repaving all a part of God’s answer to me. I think God does what he can for me but I’m pretty stubborn. Here’s the bad part… I got to work today about 30 mins earlier than I customarily did last semester. So, I was doing a little better. When I saw that all my parking places were full, including my secret location that quote from Rich came to mind making me wonder if God was, in fact, helping me out. But, then I parked in the new parking deck…. Which, for a staff person is not a great location. (For students it should be fine - but students here are a little spoiled – that’s my opinion – I went to one of the largest land grant schools in the country –I walked a lot) Anyway, as I was pondering the whole quote thing, I also started thinking that parking in the deck really wasn’t so bad… I mean it’s about a 10 minute walk to my office – down a hill, which means it’s a 10 min. walk up hill at the end of the day. Still, I was thinking it was a good source of exercise, even if it’s just a bit. Because you know, I’m still somewhat young. I ought to be able to walk uphill for 10 mins, Right? Sure. And if I don’t do it… how long would it take for me not to be able to do it…. See how I can justify my right to arrive late and not get a good parking place. I am sooo good at being lazy.

As I was taking my 10 min walk down to my office, I was thinking that I’ve put back on a little weight these past couple of weeks. I don’t know why I lost the little bit of weight I lost this summer unless it really was due to stopping the sodas. Cause, I’m telling you, I did not say no to anything sweet these past few months. And part of me was wondering if my weight loss was all in my head or really just a tan. It’s not like I stepped on a scale or anything. But, I did buy some pants, shorts, and skirts that were 2 sizes smaller than what I would have bought last summer. Surely that can’t be in my head. (Or can it?) Last night I went to put on some jeans. The only clean ones I had were just one size smaller than last summer. When I pulled them out of the closet I was sort of thinking “Oh Great, I’m going to have a baggy butt.” But, then I put them on and there was no room for a bag in my butt. I had to suck in my gut a little to button them. Fraggle Rock! Then this morning I pulled out a pair of pants to wear that I had sort of been avoiding this summer because they have been giving me a baggy butt recently. You know, you just don’t want a baggy butt no matter what size you are. There’s just nothing fashionable about a baggy butt. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the baggy butt today. I’ll have to look in the mirror when I get home. I wonder what I’ll see. Perhaps I’ll see the need to park in the parking deck…. Or will I see no need to worry about buying more pants because the baggy pants fit me now. I don’t like either of those options. I’m going to hope for a baggy butt.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


going to philly

Next week I get to fly to Philadelphia for a work thing. I am both excited about this and I am dreading this. I’m excited because I’ve never been to Philadelphia and I think I should visit the Liberty Bell before I die. Don’t you? But I dread this as well because I will be acting as a vendor. I am representing the institution which I often refer to as Hell Week. Now, as you know, I believe this was my miracle year. I believe God is giving me a new attitude about this week BUT, am I really prepared to test this new attitude so soon? Can I actually look a genie in the eye and say to him, come to the ham. Come to the institute? And, will I be able to say such things with a smile on my face and in a nonthreatening sort of way. These are good questions to ask. Ones that can only be answered with time.

Because I will be out of town all of next week, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some drugs… you know, the drugs that are costing me a fortune and make me a little mad at all men. Those drugs. Well, this is what I discovered last night…. As with Skivvies, I don’t like purchasing drugs from men. Well, let’s qualify that a bit. I don’t like purchasing drugs from young, good-looking, unmarried men. There were 3 of ‘em at the counter last night. As with the skivvies, I considered retreat. BUT, time is precious and I knew I’d need those drugs the day I came back so I lifted my chin in the air and requested them. (And of course, tried not to make eye contact). I think I would have been better with the good-looking men if they had been married because then they’d have personal experience with the sort of stuff their wives have to get- but they’re not married so of course I had to wonder… what are these men assuming about me… I wanted to say.” Hey, I didn’t ask for these ovaries!” God just gave ‘em to me. But, of course, I didn’t say that. I just took my drugs and left. Oh and here’s another thing. Why must pharmacists make you ask for the drug you need. Why can’t you say, “I need to get this filled.” Or “I need a refill.” My pharmacy always follows up my request with, “What is it?” I once followed that question up with “What are my options.” To which she responded, “Just the one.” So I said, “Well, I’ll take that then.” But was all that necessary? If you are willing to take my word on what drugs I need then I say get rid of your tracking device aka computer. See, that’s just one more instance where it is good I don’t control the world. I just hate having to ask for my drugs by name. Maybe that’s just me.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Should I be singing "You Can't Stop the Beat?"

A friend found the coolest site today...It is
I encourage you all to check it out and share your pictures with me. It turns out that I don't do well in other decades... but then, I sorta knew that. I think I might do better if I didn't have bangs. Apparently bangs have never been a good idea... at least if you want to mesh your face on someone else's head. Or maybe even if you don't want to do that... sigh... I have bangs. Thats all there is to it.... and like the nose whistle thing... you must decide "love me or leave me. Make your choice but believe me, I love you. I do I do I do I do."

Yesterday when I got home I found the absolute best package waiting for me... No, it wasn't a man by the name of Rufus... but next to that, it was the best thing ever. KAG sent me some bottle caps with pictures in them. I love them. I wish I could show you pictures. I am using one of them as a jewel on my cell phone. It has a pic of me KAG and Sunshine. Now, it might seem a little vain to have a picture of yourself dangling from your own phone but seeing it just makes me so dang happy. Good times, good times.... Thank you KAG for making my day yesterday!!!!

BTW... I'm ready to travel... when are we leaving?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Go on, fling me!

Last night I had the best dream. Which is odd because it was basically just me working out with the old gang from college. I wasn't dreaming about back in the day... it was current day and all my old buddies were there with their significant others, flinging everyone about. In my dream, I was the only one who hadn't worked out in about 10 years. I think in reality that is actually about true. Anyway, in the dream I knew I was in for a hurtin'. But I didn't care because sometime you just need a good fling. If you've never been flung... you may not be aware of that. But, I've been flung so I am aware of it. I need a fling. But, I would like to be flung by a skilled flinger. Well, I might allow someone to toss me from a hip throw because that one's not so bad but what I really want it a wrist turn-out. (help me Kara, what's that called?) I don't think I'd let just anyone throw me from that. It's pretty certain that no matter who throws me, that I will hurt myself because like I said... it's been a while. At the very least I would probably bruise my legs from falling incorrectly but I'd be good with that... I just don't want someone to rip my arm apart... hence my need for a skilled tosser. And a good wrist turn out is soooo fun.

Sometimes when I leave work... I just want to go home and wrestle... that would also be known as doing a little room randori. Now ... I know that is never going to happen again.... because I'm old and none of my friends know what room randori is and frankly based on the fact that I'm a baptist librarian and my overall reputation... I'm pretty sure that would just be weird. Soooo weird. My days of the ol' bridge and roll are over. This saddens me.

Sometimes I toy with the notion of starting a new martial arts class but then I start to think of how expensive that would be.... and the fact that I no longer have a 25 year old body. Things work different then they used to... and in more embarrassing ways. And you know, how would I ever find the time for it. I wonder if I could. I have a friend about my age that started working out a couple of years ago. I don't know what she's doing but I know it envolves flinging so that would be good. Sometimes at night when I'm watching the tele I attempt to see how many side kicks, front kicks, or round house kicks I can do. It's not pretty. I think I usually have to rest around 10. 10 measly kicks is about all I can do. And I'm not talking high kicks... I'm talking maybe waist level.
During the Olympics, I checked out some of the Judo online. I liked seeing the ippons of the day. And I enjoyed flinging my arm up in the air and saying, " Ippon!" I'm telling you, it was lots of fun.

While looking at the videos, I came across this one. It's a Tio Otoshi. That is my most dreaded throw. Literally, I'm sort of shivering typing about it. The guy I used to work out with used to throw one heck of a Tio Otoshi. Holy cow. He was very good at it. Killer good. Every time he'd throw me, I think I'd black out a little. That might be a slight exageration but I know I absolutely would get my breath knocked out of me and the world would go purple... EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm a wimp and sometimes I will play on that... and it's really not past me to play the, "I'm a girl card" either. But, my partner was a "suck it up" sort of fellow. So every time he flung me he'd say, "Again!" and I'd drag my butt up off the ground and wait to be pummeled again. This went of for a while until the guy I was dating at the time stepped in and said, "give me one of those." and once he got himself up off the ground he said, "Boy, don't you ever do that to me again." And then other black belts in the room wanted to take one to see what the fuss was. They all got up swearing... So, that made me feel a lot better... and less wimpy... cause I took about 5 of 'em in a row. But, I don't think I ever want to take one again. Ever again. But, I still would love a good wrist turn out or even a hip thow. That'd be great.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Today was a day… One of those days when words, foreign words, come out of my mouth that shouldn't come out of my mouth. But you know, it's all turning out good. But, truck drivers should all be on their guard because I'm not happy with them at the moment. I was somewhat abused by one this morning as I was trying to park. An eighteen wheeler blocked me for 20 minutes on a street connecting the main road to the staff parking. Then when I finally got past the truck to find different parking I had to park in the furthest lot from my building. Now I can walk, I'm not always happy about it…. But, I think I would have handled it better if I hadn't been stuck for 20 minutes wasting time. And the sad thing is that I had come to campus early before a meeting in order to get stuff done. But, then I ended up being late. Aaargh…. See, the best-laid plans of mice, men and librarians do often go awry. My life proves it. It's difficult to accept what you life proves sometimes. Although, I think my life also proves that God is good… and as Rich would say… He has no taste. But those are different stories.

God is good though and here's a story to prove it… Although, Alabama is going through a drought… like much of the nation… we seem to be having thunderstorms every week. A couple of weeks ago during one of the storms, a tree limb fell in my yard. I told you, I'm a daddy's girl and as you know, my dad had open heart surgery several weeks ago. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I didn't ask my dad's advice because I didn't even want him to know about it. I tried to move it myself but I wasn't strong enough. I considered asking the fellas in my Sunday School class to help but I really didn't want to do that. What if no one responded? I think perhaps someone would have come through for me but I was going to let asking them be a last resort. I considered buying a chainsaw but then I had visions of cutting off a my own limbs. I casually mentioned my problem to God. But, I didn't actually ask for his help. None-the-less, He took care of it. Several days after the limb fell, I came home from work to find my grass cut and the limb gone. The divinity student who cares for my yard moved the limb for me. Woohoo. I totally didn't expect that because he really just takes care of the grass. I think God must have inspired him to move the limb. I am so grateful. It's good to know my heavenly Father has got my needs under control. That my concerns are His concerns. It's good to be cared for.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I finally decided to try something different with my blog. I wanted a domain. After much thinking, I decided to go with chickintheham because I'm a chick and I live in Birmingham, aka "the ham." So, do you get it. Chick in the ham.... Plus, you know, I like chicken. So... inspired by Sunshine and KAG... let's see how it goes.


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