Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Should I be singing "You Can't Stop the Beat?"

A friend found the coolest site today...It is yearbookyourself.com.
I encourage you all to check it out and share your pictures with me. It turns out that I don't do well in other decades... but then, I sorta knew that. I think I might do better if I didn't have bangs. Apparently bangs have never been a good idea... at least if you want to mesh your face on someone else's head. Or maybe even if you don't want to do that... sigh... I have bangs. Thats all there is to it.... and like the nose whistle thing... you must decide "love me or leave me. Make your choice but believe me, I love you. I do I do I do I do."

Yesterday when I got home I found the absolute best package waiting for me... No, it wasn't a man by the name of Rufus... but next to that, it was the best thing ever. KAG sent me some bottle caps with pictures in them. I love them. I wish I could show you pictures. I am using one of them as a jewel on my cell phone. It has a pic of me KAG and Sunshine. Now, it might seem a little vain to have a picture of yourself dangling from your own phone but seeing it just makes me so dang happy. Good times, good times.... Thank you KAG for making my day yesterday!!!!

BTW... I'm ready to travel... when are we leaving?

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