Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Blah, Blah, March. Blah.

So, raise your hand if you are not stressed. Is anyone not stressed? I have a plan about that. Let's blame March.

I've decided I hate March. I don't think March is a kind month. Sure, T.S. Elliot proclaimed the cruelest month to be April and sure he got a lot of critical acclaim for doing so but I think he was wrong.... except April is the month when I turn older and that is sort of harsh but outside of that... the cruelest month for me has to be March. I remember last March I was all in a funk too. I don't remember any Marches before that but based on this March and last March I'm prepared to claim March as the cruelest month. Who's with me? This year, I know my funk is related to job stress and possibly my ovaries. But, just the same I'm working on another theory. My theory is that it's the last month of winter and it's just dreary. Plus I think there should be some sort of Holiday to celebrate in March to give everyone a day off. Wait, didn't some folks just get a holiday? What was that? I know I didn't get it. Maybe that was Presidents Day? Was that recent it seems like it was but it also seems like that is in February. I believe that is in February. Have I been abducted by aliens? Have I lost time? Do I have a chip in my neck? Hmmm, I don't think so. Seriously, that seems like it was yesterday. Back to March... There's always pi day and the Ides of March but the Federal Government isn't willing to recognize them. Too bad. I guess there's March Madness for some folks. But, I personally don't get that excited about football... er, I mean basketball.

I just took two days off from work. It was delightful. I think I should plan to take days off in March from now on. I think I'll note it on my calendar for next year. I so needed that time off. The first couple of weeks of March I was darn cranky then last week I was freakishly tired.... I think I should have perhaps taken my time off earlier in the month, I think I'll make that note as well. Only apparently not everything is about me. I read The Purpose Driven Life. I've been told. Still I would like to have my way on everything. I'm pretty sure my coworkers would not care for that idea. I do appreciate my coworkers. I certainly couldn't be happy without my wonderful coworkers... Perhaps, I could just sort of run that little idea by them. Maybe I should fill them up with chocolate first. Yeah, that idea will never fly. It's probably best that it doesn't. Can you imagine a library that made people take personality tests before they entered the building. I think if I had my way, I would require that. I can't really bring myself to say that it's best not to require tests... but you can probably figure that out on your own right?

Only a few more days of March to go, may we all survive.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


better now.

Okay, Since my last post was such a crazy downer sort of a post... I feel the need to report that I'm not quite as crazy this week. My grump level has gone waaaaaay down. I'm still not sure why I was so grumpy. I seriously didn't want that to be just who I am but perhaps that's the truth. Anyway, I'm not sure it's totally safe to give the all clear sign but but it's pretty close.

Last Thursday I got my hair cut. Afterwards I became totally obsessed with the shampoo that was used. Friday I went to four different stores to find it. I could have gotten it at my saloon but by the time I decided I MUST have it, the place was closed. So I went to every place in the mall who I thought would have it and when I found it, I bought the ginormous size. Then, I immediately went home and took a shower. I have to say I love that Shampoo. It's Paul Mitchell's Lavender and Mint shampoo. I usually don't care for the smell of Lavender but I still love that shampoo. I think there really must be something to the whole thing about Lavender being a relaxing scent because that shampoo is certainly soothing me.

Then on Saturday I got my credit card rewards points in and was able to get my new feather bed. It is delightful. How did I sleep without it before.... Well, not very well.

All in all, good relaxing things came to me over the weekend. I hope the same was true for you.

I had planned to take time off this week but because I'm doing better this week. I'm going to wait and take off next week instead. I could still totally use the break now... but my dept. supervisor also needs a break so I'm going to wait so she can take off this week. I think I'm safer now. No worries. Hopefully, I will survive until the weekend.

Still a massage might be a good thing at this point. I've never had one. Previously the idea has freaked me out... but, there is a time for everything... however, maybe not the cash... okay... I won't be getting a massage. Sad.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


rat poop never helps anyone

Did anyone watch House this past Monday? I ask because I think I’m turning into the patient on that episode. Seriously. It’s not pretty. For those of you who didn’t see it, the medical mystery that night was this man who kept saying horrible hurtful things to everyone… and constantly doing it. I’m becoming that man. I’m trying to come up with all kinds of excuses for it, you know, because I don’t actually want to be a mean, horrible, nasty person. But, my temper is getting the better of me.

There is always the dreaded Hell Week that happens in June. In the past, it has never been good for me to actually talk to people around that time. But, thanks be to God and the many of you that prayed, last year was my miracle year so by the time Hell Week arrived, I didn’t come close to strangling anyone and on top of that… I don’t think I even yelled at anyone that week. I, uhm, may have yelled at someone in the weeks leading up to that week… but then the miracle occurred and God gently helped me adjust my attitude so Hell Week itself wasn’t so bad. Last week I learned that staff support for Hell Week was being cut, that didn’t make me happy. Still, I just took several breaths and told the messenger to back away slowly and give me a moment, cause you know, I simply cannot go back to living the way I used to because of Hell Week. Hell Week is 3 months away if my current attitude does not improve it’s not going to be pretty. Still, I would like to get a grip on whatever is making me so snappy right now. I think I’d like to blame the Baptists of this great state. Some of them are working too hard and burying me in boxes of nasty records. Last night, I swear I was putting some old church deeds in order and rat poop fell into my lap. That does not help ones id or attitutde. Rat Poop never does. Other people go through stress but they don’t go crazy. I want to be one of the noncrazy stressed people. I’m hoping God will help me with that. If He can help me with Hell Week, surely He can help me with the rat poop… but, heads up, you might want to keep your distance until you hear an all clear…. Or you could try approaching me with cake and a Cotton Candy Cosmo. I think that’d work. But whatever you do, you might want to avoid asking me to do anything. Now is not a time when I think I could handle direction well. Sad but so, so true.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



This past weekend, a friend and I took a short mini break over to the ATL. BTW, I love calling it “the ATL” I don’t know why but I do. So, for all you grammar folks out there… I want you to know that was on purpose. A lot of my grammar issues and misspellings are complete mess ups but that particular one was not.

I was completely desperate for a little vacation. Although, I actually have tons of vacation time to burn before the end of the semester, it would seem that most of my friends are not in the same situation. So… ATL seemed like a good answer. Plus the price was right. This is good because I’m seriously considering going on a trip with my church. When the ATL trip was planned I didn’t have that issue, but now I do and so every dime being spent is under a great deal of scrutiny. Like seriously, I need to put out the call to stop tempting me with fabulous ideas. Although, honestly…. I’m actually not in a great deal of demand for fun things right now… I think I’ll choose to look at that as a positive thing rather than my being a loser. Although, I did have someone invite me to an artsy circus thing this coming weekend so that’s nice and I’m looking forward to it. But, the guilt over it is somewhat great…. Cause apparently you can no longer sell blood and it seems that even though travel is cheap due to the economy right now… Travel is still not cheap if you are headed to a place no one else wants to go. Too bad my church doesn’t want to go to Ireland. That would be much easier on my budget. OR even London…. There were airline tickets to London this past week for $189 each way. That is an awesome deal. I bet people in London need to know Jesus too.

Oh, and I would like to thank a BFF from high school who invited me to visit her down in Florida. That would have been awesome… only I had the trip to “the ATL” planned already... Sigh! I hope there will be another opportunity for that at some point cause seriously that would have been so much fun. We used to have so much fun back in the day. I think it would be the same today.

Anyway back to the ATL trip. I still hate driving there. It totally sucks and the signage is horrible… and seriously isn’t it wrong to have that many streets named peach tree? It absolutely is. While there we took in the Aquarium, Coca Cola, CNN, and King Tut. Even with all that on the docket, on the way over I was most looking forward to the breakfast buffet at the hotel. I was. I can’t deny it. It turns out the buffet was not the best thing however… the best thing was the bed! FABULOUS!!!!! We stayed at the downtown Marriott Marquis. I’d stayed at a Marriott Marquis before and so I knew to expect a feather bed and down pillows… still, it was amazing and I’m taking measures to turn my bed into a Marriott Marquis bed. (Thank you credit card rewards programs for making this transition possible). I would also like to tell you that for Saturday’s lunch we were lured into a Chinese restaurant that advertised a buffet only when we were seated, we found out it had been a lie. Still we stayed and ordered off the menu and I’m glad we did because at the end of the meal I got a fortune cookie that told me that I would soon be getting something I had been wanting for a long time. That’s got to be either a husband or the right publisher’s clearing house entry. I’m feeling pretty positive about those possibilities but just to be on the safe side, I’m talking to the universe. My friend got a fortune that told her she would have fun on a 4 wheel adventure. That came true; I mean we did drive to the ATL… so mine could come true too.

At the Tut exhibit, I learned that Egypt had actually tried to erase him from history… which is funny since he’s pretty much the only Pharaoh most people know from Ancient Egypt. I also learned from the exhibit that the bathrooms in ancient Egypt were better than some bathrooms in modern day Europe. I learned this from a toilet seat used by Pharaohs in approximately 2500 BCE that was on display in the exhibit. I wonder if this exhibit has made its way through most of Europe. I would like them to take note on what improvements they could make in the whole toilet area of their lives… and possibly mine. A photograph of this toilet seat was not available in the gift shop. Don’t think I didn’t check for one because I did.

Monday, March 2, 2009



If you are my friend on facebook and you spend a lot of time there then you may know that I've been scanning a lot of old boat pictures. I've only scanned about 30 and it's killin' me. I'm not sure why. I think it's trying to read the handwriting on the back of the pictures that's doing me in. I'm not sure. Around scan 20, I decided not to deal with the handwriting anymore. Instead of recording what is written on the back of the picture, I simple record "handwritten notes on back.". Lalala.... That way, I don't have to feel so bad about myself. Someone doing some serious research will still know to look there...

Anyway, since I work with very little budget or skill I was sort of thinking about what I might want to do with my pics once I get them done. There are so dang many of them. I'm only halfway through the first book and there are 4 more of them oi!

Anyway, I ended up at Flickr looking at photos with Birmingham as a keyword. I found this picture there. It's by jamric
At first I was a little horrified but then I started reading the comments and thinking about it and I sort of settled for just being shocked. Apparently it's by this famous graffiti artist called Banksy. I googled him and found him very very interesting. I hadn't heard of him before. Here's an article about the graffiti found in my local newspaper. (sept. 3, 2008)
I feel lots cooler now having looked at Banksy's website and looking through photographs of his work on flickr. He's worth checking out... but he can be a little shocking.
Sometimes you just never know were being responsible will take you... today it took me to Banksy.


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