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This past weekend, a friend and I took a short mini break over to the ATL. BTW, I love calling it “the ATL” I don’t know why but I do. So, for all you grammar folks out there… I want you to know that was on purpose. A lot of my grammar issues and misspellings are complete mess ups but that particular one was not.

I was completely desperate for a little vacation. Although, I actually have tons of vacation time to burn before the end of the semester, it would seem that most of my friends are not in the same situation. So… ATL seemed like a good answer. Plus the price was right. This is good because I’m seriously considering going on a trip with my church. When the ATL trip was planned I didn’t have that issue, but now I do and so every dime being spent is under a great deal of scrutiny. Like seriously, I need to put out the call to stop tempting me with fabulous ideas. Although, honestly…. I’m actually not in a great deal of demand for fun things right now… I think I’ll choose to look at that as a positive thing rather than my being a loser. Although, I did have someone invite me to an artsy circus thing this coming weekend so that’s nice and I’m looking forward to it. But, the guilt over it is somewhat great…. Cause apparently you can no longer sell blood and it seems that even though travel is cheap due to the economy right now… Travel is still not cheap if you are headed to a place no one else wants to go. Too bad my church doesn’t want to go to Ireland. That would be much easier on my budget. OR even London…. There were airline tickets to London this past week for $189 each way. That is an awesome deal. I bet people in London need to know Jesus too.

Oh, and I would like to thank a BFF from high school who invited me to visit her down in Florida. That would have been awesome… only I had the trip to “the ATL” planned already... Sigh! I hope there will be another opportunity for that at some point cause seriously that would have been so much fun. We used to have so much fun back in the day. I think it would be the same today.

Anyway back to the ATL trip. I still hate driving there. It totally sucks and the signage is horrible… and seriously isn’t it wrong to have that many streets named peach tree? It absolutely is. While there we took in the Aquarium, Coca Cola, CNN, and King Tut. Even with all that on the docket, on the way over I was most looking forward to the breakfast buffet at the hotel. I was. I can’t deny it. It turns out the buffet was not the best thing however… the best thing was the bed! FABULOUS!!!!! We stayed at the downtown Marriott Marquis. I’d stayed at a Marriott Marquis before and so I knew to expect a feather bed and down pillows… still, it was amazing and I’m taking measures to turn my bed into a Marriott Marquis bed. (Thank you credit card rewards programs for making this transition possible). I would also like to tell you that for Saturday’s lunch we were lured into a Chinese restaurant that advertised a buffet only when we were seated, we found out it had been a lie. Still we stayed and ordered off the menu and I’m glad we did because at the end of the meal I got a fortune cookie that told me that I would soon be getting something I had been wanting for a long time. That’s got to be either a husband or the right publisher’s clearing house entry. I’m feeling pretty positive about those possibilities but just to be on the safe side, I’m talking to the universe. My friend got a fortune that told her she would have fun on a 4 wheel adventure. That came true; I mean we did drive to the ATL… so mine could come true too.

At the Tut exhibit, I learned that Egypt had actually tried to erase him from history… which is funny since he’s pretty much the only Pharaoh most people know from Ancient Egypt. I also learned from the exhibit that the bathrooms in ancient Egypt were better than some bathrooms in modern day Europe. I learned this from a toilet seat used by Pharaohs in approximately 2500 BCE that was on display in the exhibit. I wonder if this exhibit has made its way through most of Europe. I would like them to take note on what improvements they could make in the whole toilet area of their lives… and possibly mine. A photograph of this toilet seat was not available in the gift shop. Don’t think I didn’t check for one because I did.

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