Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sinuses and the Sovereignty of God

As you know… I’ve been a little crazy lately. Not like woohoo let’s go have some fun crazy but maybe needing to be hospitalized crazy. I don’t bring this up to complain more about it… well, I am going to sort of complain… but what I was really going to tell you was that I sort of decided in order to get a grip I need to go to bed earlier and I need to focus on what I know to be true. So, anyway I’ve been trying to focus on Bible verses that are about God’s greatness. My memory is bad so I can’t share these with you but I will tell you that lately I’ve been reading about God’s providence and how even our trials are a part of that. Now that might sound a little depressing but the little devotionals are really more encouraging than depressing. Anyway, like many people my sinuses are suffering lately. And this morning as I was driving into work with a sinus headache and thinking I might have a hairball to cough up I sort of wondered, are my sinuses really a part of the glory of God? Listen, God is great but I am sort of having trouble believing that sinuses have anything to do with it. Kind of like mosquitoes. Seriously, are mosquitoes bringing glory to God? I just don’t see how. I believe in the Sovereignty of God but I can’t picture God creating the heavens and the earth and the creatures on it, only to take a moment to give humans sinus problems…. Like maybe God finished up the 6th day with all His wonders and then thought … for a little bit or irony I’m going to make some humans react badly to it and then take a rest. I mean what would be the purpose of sinus problems or allergies for that matter. I’m not questioning God… but in a way I am wondering what has gone on here. It seems a little crazy if you ask me. But don’t ask me because I’m not God. I’m just thinking about it. Clearly I don’t understand and when you consider the whole mysteries of the earth and all… I’m not sure that sinuses are the one thing I truly want to know about. It’s just odd…. And a big ol’ pain.

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