Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sinuses and the Sovereignty of God

As you know… I’ve been a little crazy lately. Not like woohoo let’s go have some fun crazy but maybe needing to be hospitalized crazy. I don’t bring this up to complain more about it… well, I am going to sort of complain… but what I was really going to tell you was that I sort of decided in order to get a grip I need to go to bed earlier and I need to focus on what I know to be true. So, anyway I’ve been trying to focus on Bible verses that are about God’s greatness. My memory is bad so I can’t share these with you but I will tell you that lately I’ve been reading about God’s providence and how even our trials are a part of that. Now that might sound a little depressing but the little devotionals are really more encouraging than depressing. Anyway, like many people my sinuses are suffering lately. And this morning as I was driving into work with a sinus headache and thinking I might have a hairball to cough up I sort of wondered, are my sinuses really a part of the glory of God? Listen, God is great but I am sort of having trouble believing that sinuses have anything to do with it. Kind of like mosquitoes. Seriously, are mosquitoes bringing glory to God? I just don’t see how. I believe in the Sovereignty of God but I can’t picture God creating the heavens and the earth and the creatures on it, only to take a moment to give humans sinus problems…. Like maybe God finished up the 6th day with all His wonders and then thought … for a little bit or irony I’m going to make some humans react badly to it and then take a rest. I mean what would be the purpose of sinus problems or allergies for that matter. I’m not questioning God… but in a way I am wondering what has gone on here. It seems a little crazy if you ask me. But don’t ask me because I’m not God. I’m just thinking about it. Clearly I don’t understand and when you consider the whole mysteries of the earth and all… I’m not sure that sinuses are the one thing I truly want to know about. It’s just odd…. And a big ol’ pain.

Allergies are the creation of men. Okay, so all things come from God. But I think it's like asthma or autism or cancer. These things may have a purpose, but they've been made worse by men.

You know I'm here if you need something.
Speaking as a former CHRONIC sinus sufferer....the purpose of MY SINUS JOURNEY/TRIAL --was to realize a few things: 1.) I am weak 2.) I AM HEALED. So, for me, via my sinus surgery, the glory of God was revealed in the fact that IT'S OVER. I mean, it is 100% gone. I don't know that God is/was responsible for the original problem (something here occurs to me about sin/evil/Job/etc) but I feel God definitely USED my sinuses to show me his love. I'm serious and saying things like that make me uncomfortable. But like my fabulous dermatologist who solved my skin troubles (LIFETIME'S WORTH) (and you'll recall I think excema was Peter's problem) - I think - what a gift! So ---maybe there's a God's Love solution that will come your way. All I know is, I spent 20+ years with the skin problem and prolly about 10 or 15 with Sinuses getting worse and worse. SO it wasn't quick - but it did get better.
Here's hoping you get the same relief - but sonner! -spunkyselkie
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