Monday, March 2, 2009



If you are my friend on facebook and you spend a lot of time there then you may know that I've been scanning a lot of old boat pictures. I've only scanned about 30 and it's killin' me. I'm not sure why. I think it's trying to read the handwriting on the back of the pictures that's doing me in. I'm not sure. Around scan 20, I decided not to deal with the handwriting anymore. Instead of recording what is written on the back of the picture, I simple record "handwritten notes on back.". Lalala.... That way, I don't have to feel so bad about myself. Someone doing some serious research will still know to look there...

Anyway, since I work with very little budget or skill I was sort of thinking about what I might want to do with my pics once I get them done. There are so dang many of them. I'm only halfway through the first book and there are 4 more of them oi!

Anyway, I ended up at Flickr looking at photos with Birmingham as a keyword. I found this picture there. It's by jamric
At first I was a little horrified but then I started reading the comments and thinking about it and I sort of settled for just being shocked. Apparently it's by this famous graffiti artist called Banksy. I googled him and found him very very interesting. I hadn't heard of him before. Here's an article about the graffiti found in my local newspaper. (sept. 3, 2008)
I feel lots cooler now having looked at Banksy's website and looking through photographs of his work on flickr. He's worth checking out... but he can be a little shocking.
Sometimes you just never know were being responsible will take you... today it took me to Banksy.


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