Tuesday, March 17, 2009


better now.

Okay, Since my last post was such a crazy downer sort of a post... I feel the need to report that I'm not quite as crazy this week. My grump level has gone waaaaaay down. I'm still not sure why I was so grumpy. I seriously didn't want that to be just who I am but perhaps that's the truth. Anyway, I'm not sure it's totally safe to give the all clear sign but but it's pretty close.

Last Thursday I got my hair cut. Afterwards I became totally obsessed with the shampoo that was used. Friday I went to four different stores to find it. I could have gotten it at my saloon but by the time I decided I MUST have it, the place was closed. So I went to every place in the mall who I thought would have it and when I found it, I bought the ginormous size. Then, I immediately went home and took a shower. I have to say I love that Shampoo. It's Paul Mitchell's Lavender and Mint shampoo. I usually don't care for the smell of Lavender but I still love that shampoo. I think there really must be something to the whole thing about Lavender being a relaxing scent because that shampoo is certainly soothing me.

Then on Saturday I got my credit card rewards points in and was able to get my new feather bed. It is delightful. How did I sleep without it before.... Well, not very well.

All in all, good relaxing things came to me over the weekend. I hope the same was true for you.

I had planned to take time off this week but because I'm doing better this week. I'm going to wait and take off next week instead. I could still totally use the break now... but my dept. supervisor also needs a break so I'm going to wait so she can take off this week. I think I'm safer now. No worries. Hopefully, I will survive until the weekend.

Still a massage might be a good thing at this point. I've never had one. Previously the idea has freaked me out... but, there is a time for everything... however, maybe not the cash... okay... I won't be getting a massage. Sad.

You get your hair cut at a saloon??!!
oh. oops. Hmmm. That would be funny wouldn't it. I wonder what my hair would have looked like it I had. :)
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