Wednesday, March 11, 2009


rat poop never helps anyone

Did anyone watch House this past Monday? I ask because I think I’m turning into the patient on that episode. Seriously. It’s not pretty. For those of you who didn’t see it, the medical mystery that night was this man who kept saying horrible hurtful things to everyone… and constantly doing it. I’m becoming that man. I’m trying to come up with all kinds of excuses for it, you know, because I don’t actually want to be a mean, horrible, nasty person. But, my temper is getting the better of me.

There is always the dreaded Hell Week that happens in June. In the past, it has never been good for me to actually talk to people around that time. But, thanks be to God and the many of you that prayed, last year was my miracle year so by the time Hell Week arrived, I didn’t come close to strangling anyone and on top of that… I don’t think I even yelled at anyone that week. I, uhm, may have yelled at someone in the weeks leading up to that week… but then the miracle occurred and God gently helped me adjust my attitude so Hell Week itself wasn’t so bad. Last week I learned that staff support for Hell Week was being cut, that didn’t make me happy. Still, I just took several breaths and told the messenger to back away slowly and give me a moment, cause you know, I simply cannot go back to living the way I used to because of Hell Week. Hell Week is 3 months away if my current attitude does not improve it’s not going to be pretty. Still, I would like to get a grip on whatever is making me so snappy right now. I think I’d like to blame the Baptists of this great state. Some of them are working too hard and burying me in boxes of nasty records. Last night, I swear I was putting some old church deeds in order and rat poop fell into my lap. That does not help ones id or attitutde. Rat Poop never does. Other people go through stress but they don’t go crazy. I want to be one of the noncrazy stressed people. I’m hoping God will help me with that. If He can help me with Hell Week, surely He can help me with the rat poop… but, heads up, you might want to keep your distance until you hear an all clear…. Or you could try approaching me with cake and a Cotton Candy Cosmo. I think that’d work. But whatever you do, you might want to avoid asking me to do anything. Now is not a time when I think I could handle direction well. Sad but so, so true.

E-mail me the dates for hell week. This year, I think I can volunteer. I'd be happy to.
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