Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Go on, fling me!

Last night I had the best dream. Which is odd because it was basically just me working out with the old gang from college. I wasn't dreaming about back in the day... it was current day and all my old buddies were there with their significant others, flinging everyone about. In my dream, I was the only one who hadn't worked out in about 10 years. I think in reality that is actually about true. Anyway, in the dream I knew I was in for a hurtin'. But I didn't care because sometime you just need a good fling. If you've never been flung... you may not be aware of that. But, I've been flung so I am aware of it. I need a fling. But, I would like to be flung by a skilled flinger. Well, I might allow someone to toss me from a hip throw because that one's not so bad but what I really want it a wrist turn-out. (help me Kara, what's that called?) I don't think I'd let just anyone throw me from that. It's pretty certain that no matter who throws me, that I will hurt myself because like I said... it's been a while. At the very least I would probably bruise my legs from falling incorrectly but I'd be good with that... I just don't want someone to rip my arm apart... hence my need for a skilled tosser. And a good wrist turn out is soooo fun.

Sometimes when I leave work... I just want to go home and wrestle... that would also be known as doing a little room randori. Now ... I know that is never going to happen again.... because I'm old and none of my friends know what room randori is and frankly based on the fact that I'm a baptist librarian and my overall reputation... I'm pretty sure that would just be weird. Soooo weird. My days of the ol' bridge and roll are over. This saddens me.

Sometimes I toy with the notion of starting a new martial arts class but then I start to think of how expensive that would be.... and the fact that I no longer have a 25 year old body. Things work different then they used to... and in more embarrassing ways. And you know, how would I ever find the time for it. I wonder if I could. I have a friend about my age that started working out a couple of years ago. I don't know what she's doing but I know it envolves flinging so that would be good. Sometimes at night when I'm watching the tele I attempt to see how many side kicks, front kicks, or round house kicks I can do. It's not pretty. I think I usually have to rest around 10. 10 measly kicks is about all I can do. And I'm not talking high kicks... I'm talking maybe waist level.
During the Olympics, I checked out some of the Judo online. I liked seeing the ippons of the day. And I enjoyed flinging my arm up in the air and saying, " Ippon!" I'm telling you, it was lots of fun.

While looking at the videos, I came across this one. It's a Tio Otoshi. That is my most dreaded throw. Literally, I'm sort of shivering typing about it. The guy I used to work out with used to throw one heck of a Tio Otoshi. Holy cow. He was very good at it. Killer good. Every time he'd throw me, I think I'd black out a little. That might be a slight exageration but I know I absolutely would get my breath knocked out of me and the world would go purple... EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm a wimp and sometimes I will play on that... and it's really not past me to play the, "I'm a girl card" either. But, my partner was a "suck it up" sort of fellow. So every time he flung me he'd say, "Again!" and I'd drag my butt up off the ground and wait to be pummeled again. This went of for a while until the guy I was dating at the time stepped in and said, "give me one of those." and once he got himself up off the ground he said, "Boy, don't you ever do that to me again." And then other black belts in the room wanted to take one to see what the fuss was. They all got up swearing... So, that made me feel a lot better... and less wimpy... cause I took about 5 of 'em in a row. But, I don't think I ever want to take one again. Ever again. But, I still would love a good wrist turn out or even a hip thow. That'd be great.

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Of course, I'll follow you anywhere. :) As for starting a new class, I'd like to mention that my mom -- you met her, she's nothing special physically -- started karate in her mid-40s. You could certainly manage. :)
Go on Jenny! You know you wanna get back into MA! Oh and are you thinking of Kotogaeshi?? I'll come do some room randori with you...:) Went back to class for the first time since surgery tonight! So I reckon if I can do it.....
Yup that's it. Kotogaeshi. I love that throw. It's fun, fun, fun.... I think a fella may be coming into my neck of the woods that works out... I'm considering asking if he'll fling me.. but, I'm not sure I trust him... plus, he's sort of goofy. I know he out ranks me though. Either way... I'd like a mat and a fling.
No know where to find both anytime you want to drive to Starkvegas! :)
Oh, and I have a key to the dojo so anytime...
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