Thursday, August 28, 2008


I can justify this, I can justify that

“God did not give Joseph any special information about how to get from being the son of a nomad in Palestine to being Pharaoh’s right hand man in Egypt. What He did give Joseph was eleven jealous brothers, the attention of a very loose and vengeful woman, the ability to do the service of interpreting dreams and managing other people's affairs, and the grace to do that faithfully wherever he was.” – Rich Mullins

My secret parking place at work has been repaved and relined and thus has become a prime parking location for the students. What does this mean? When I come in late – I’ve got no where to park. The answer to this problem is to get to work earlier. As you know, I’ve been praying for a miracle in that area for a while now. I have to wonder is this repaving all a part of God’s answer to me. I think God does what he can for me but I’m pretty stubborn. Here’s the bad part… I got to work today about 30 mins earlier than I customarily did last semester. So, I was doing a little better. When I saw that all my parking places were full, including my secret location that quote from Rich came to mind making me wonder if God was, in fact, helping me out. But, then I parked in the new parking deck…. Which, for a staff person is not a great location. (For students it should be fine - but students here are a little spoiled – that’s my opinion – I went to one of the largest land grant schools in the country –I walked a lot) Anyway, as I was pondering the whole quote thing, I also started thinking that parking in the deck really wasn’t so bad… I mean it’s about a 10 minute walk to my office – down a hill, which means it’s a 10 min. walk up hill at the end of the day. Still, I was thinking it was a good source of exercise, even if it’s just a bit. Because you know, I’m still somewhat young. I ought to be able to walk uphill for 10 mins, Right? Sure. And if I don’t do it… how long would it take for me not to be able to do it…. See how I can justify my right to arrive late and not get a good parking place. I am sooo good at being lazy.

As I was taking my 10 min walk down to my office, I was thinking that I’ve put back on a little weight these past couple of weeks. I don’t know why I lost the little bit of weight I lost this summer unless it really was due to stopping the sodas. Cause, I’m telling you, I did not say no to anything sweet these past few months. And part of me was wondering if my weight loss was all in my head or really just a tan. It’s not like I stepped on a scale or anything. But, I did buy some pants, shorts, and skirts that were 2 sizes smaller than what I would have bought last summer. Surely that can’t be in my head. (Or can it?) Last night I went to put on some jeans. The only clean ones I had were just one size smaller than last summer. When I pulled them out of the closet I was sort of thinking “Oh Great, I’m going to have a baggy butt.” But, then I put them on and there was no room for a bag in my butt. I had to suck in my gut a little to button them. Fraggle Rock! Then this morning I pulled out a pair of pants to wear that I had sort of been avoiding this summer because they have been giving me a baggy butt recently. You know, you just don’t want a baggy butt no matter what size you are. There’s just nothing fashionable about a baggy butt. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the baggy butt today. I’ll have to look in the mirror when I get home. I wonder what I’ll see. Perhaps I’ll see the need to park in the parking deck…. Or will I see no need to worry about buying more pants because the baggy pants fit me now. I don’t like either of those options. I’m going to hope for a baggy butt.

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