Thursday, August 28, 2008


Donald and Barack

Okay, I know I already posted today… but I just had to share this….
First off, I got this email from CNN Wed night as a breaking news alert…. “Barack Obama wins Democratic Party's presidential nomination after Hillary Clinton's motion on the convention floor.” REALLY, is that REALLY breaking news? REALLY? Must quote Gob here, “Come on!”

Okay, then I received an email from Donald Miller. Attached was this picture of Donald delivering the closing benediction at the DNC Monday night.

Okay so I didn’t watch ANY of the Democratic National Convention. Does that make me a bad person? Whatever. Frankly, I don’t think my attitude on the matter counts right now. But, that will not keep me from voting, because you know this is a free country and all… AND it’s my right… but really – what is the point. Anyway, I’m not sure why but Donald’s email annoyed me. Like, seriously annoyed me. People are allowed to be Democrats or Republicans…. It’s a free country. Whatever. I don’t care if you want to be – well whatever you want to be politically is fine with me. I don’t care… Well, maybe sometimes I care… but currently, I don’t care. Maybe in 4 years I’ll care. Anyway, in Donald’s email to me he mentioned checking out some email correspondence between He and Barack Obama. “Great! What the heck is that all about?” Does Donald really want to be Barack’s friend? I mean sure there is a good chance that the man will be president; but, his friends seem a little questionable to me. I’m just saying. But of course, don’t we all need friends who know Jesus. Sure we do. Barack does too. Okay, whatever. So, I clicked on the link to Donald’s blog and read the correspondence…. Really, honestly… you must check it out…. All is forgiven with me and Donald. Democrat or Republican… it was worth reading. Now the question is this…. Should I try to find Donald Miller’s speech from the DNC on the Internet? Tough question. I’ll ponder the value of that for the next few days. Anyway, Donald had me going there for a moment... and I'm telling ya, I was getting a little hot. Don't know why.


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