Friday, November 21, 2008


"Follow Your Bliss" Aye Aye Joseph Campbell

Last night I got to go to a concert that was fun, young and hip. I am none of those things but the person who invited me was, so it was cool. (Thank you LM) It was sort of a living room show featuring Matthew Mayfield and Griffin House. I, of course, really like young Mr. Mayfield. But, I hadn’t actually gotten the chance to see/hear Griffin House before even though I had heard of him. Turns out, I quite like him. I knew I would. And, I love his name. I want a child so I can name him/her Griffin. Rufus Griffin or Griffin Rufus would that work? I’m not so sure. I guess maybe I’ll need two children. A Griffin and a Rufus. I don’t really see that happening. Maybe I could just name my next cats Griffin and Rufus. That's not really the same. But, sometimes you just have to work with the cards you are dealt. The concert was downtown in a loft/photo studio and it was the coolest thing. And it was a whole bunch of yougens that pulled it off. I swear they all looked like kids. In my head, this group of guys lead the best life ever. How wonderful it must be to be young, talented and creative like that. I’m trying to figure out how I can fit that life into my Librarian world. I’m going to have to get A LOT cooler and I will need a new house. Those fellas certainly seem to be doing what they love and love what they doing and making a fantastic living while doing it. What a great thing.

So this morning I came to work all fired up that I must find a new house that can be cool and support such concerts. That clearly isn’t going to happen any time soon… Certainly not with my Collyer brother like tendencies or the housing market. BUT, Purple and I did come up with a plan to open a themed restaurant several weeks ago. I think we could make it cool and artsy and host concerts. How fantastic! I’m fired up about this plan. Can a librarian chick with no business skills or culinary taste open a cool restaurant? That is a good question. I told my coworker about our plan and she said she’d eat there.

Clearly, this is not something that I’m actually going to quit my job over… but perhaps I can push Purple into pursuing it a little. She’s creative and smart… I’d like to hang on to her coattails and become a girl with a fabulous life just like those boys downtown.

Oh and by the way, Urban Standard catered the event… they have the yummiest cookies I have ever tasted. They were sugar cookies with some sort of cream in them… but sooooo much better than the ones you might buy at a mall. I need to find out where their store is located and spend money there… actually, I don’t need to do that. I need to remember and fight my muffin top. Raggle Fraggle… must focus on happy things….

Friends….Concerts… Coffee…. Life….. sigh.

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Small world moment: I went to the doctor yesterday and got four prescriptions. One of the little girls working the counter at the pharmacy was at the show! I totally recognized her. She was one of the cute, young, married ones.

And I could open a themed restaurant with you. I have business skills and I like to eat. Good combo?
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