Monday, November 17, 2008


Don't Blame Me

So, someone recommended this book titled UnChristian to me. Then, at opening convocation for the 2008/2009 academic year the president of my university quoted from it. So, I've started reading it. I'm a slow reader. I'm also ornery. I'm not that far into it. But, it's very interesting. And, I'd recommend it. Anyway, one of the questions it brings up is how are we (Christians) representing God? Which is a good question to ask isn't it?

Anyway, someone at work posted a link to this video about proposition 8 and it's kind of heart breaking. And it makes me think of the UnChristian Book and how sad it is that this is how people view us and what that says about God. I mean whether you'd vote yes or no to prop8. It's just heart breaking on so many levels. I'm pretty sure God is not looking good here. Why is that and how can it be changed? I sorta think that what happened with prop8 was UnChristian. But, I don't know that I totally understand what I just said.

And another from this guy named Sam Harris... who is a guy I adore. That man can sing!

I think God took a hit on this one. God will not be mocked. What is right here? I'm just afraid that people who don't know God are hating him because of what I may or may not believe. Part of me wonders if there really are enough "Fundamental" religious people to have made that vote go that way. I don't know, but California isn't know for religion is it? Didn't everyone get a vote? How did that happen?

At least Richard Foster was in no way involved with this... I don't think. (that's a poor attempt at a joke)


I could not agree more. I think there is so much hate from many Christians - and I don't understand it. And even if many don't sound hateful, they sound superior. And it is just awful. I don't think God wants this prop. 8. I really don't. I am for gay marriage, though most of my church is not. It is something I have opened a dialog about with several people there. I guess they view it as so subversive that it would undermine the foundation of our very culture ---and also harmful to children. But they seem okay with divorce. They seem okay with single moms. So it seems definitely a predjudice. I think Oberman made a great point about the ban against biracial marriages. I hope that this issue will be like that one ----something that grows to NOT be an issue ---something that is accepted.

That is my hope. This is one that definitely calls for prayer.
Thank you for posting this. I live in a pretty insular little world down here (even considering we're in the same state), and I can't tell you how many people I have had arguments with that are pro-divorce but anti-gay marriage. I won't even begin to outline the graphic, sexually explicit conversations that has led to. Thankfully, I don't blush easily most days. I was thinking that I was just crazy and alone. Thank you.

I count you among one of my closest friends. I have always felt complete and total acceptance from you. And tolerance. And love. You are one of the Christians I know who makes me wonder if I've written the faith off too quickly. Unfortunately, you are in a minority.

What I -- and the rest of the world -- see are the wing nuts. The folks that are out there screaming about the most insane, crazy things. (Example: The Bible was written in English -- it was the chosen language of Adam, Moses, John, Jesus and Paul.)

I needed a reminder that it's all about the love. The reason we're here is love. Well, yeah, there's that survival and passing on one's genes and all that, but when we examine ourselves as individuals, isn't love for our neighbors -- or, perhaps a better term is "overarching concern for another's well being" -- what holds us all together? Shoot, the apes on Animal Planet show a level of concern for each other.

I will be a nicer person tomorrow.
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