Monday, November 3, 2008


Please, don't encourage the librarian

Raise your hand if you know me... I mean really know me.... Because if you do you will remember the whole Malcolm Gets incident... and later the Kevin Anderson falderall.

I mean, I learned from the whole Malcolm Gets thing... and I knew that when I heard Kevin Anderson sing on the London cast recording for Sunset Boulevard... I knew it was better not to research him and actually find out who he was. Then, quite by accident I found out that not only did he have a fantastic voice but he also was pretty darn cute and he drove a motorcycle... but, I recovered.

Well, friends it has happened again. This time the man's name is Jeffry Dean Morgan. You may know him as Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy. I knew right off the first time I saw him on that show, I didn't need to know anything about him. I took precautions. But, best laid plans of mice, men and librarians... often lead to things that are not good. Friday night my friend LBW started talking about him... and the next thing I knew I was finding out details I didn't need to know... like his name. Fraggle Rock. Danger! Danger! I'm on to my next obsession. I wonder if he does theater work. Hmmm. cause I can stand next to a stage door.... Now, I'm going to be praying "Please God, let him do theater work." But, the rest of you, You ought to be praying for my sanity... and perhaps that he stays away from theaters. I don't need to be encouraged by the kindness of a stranger....

And you know this weekend, when not in bed with a headache.... I was listening/watching to Stephen Sondheim's Passion. I find that a little ironic... since it's all about this ugly, sickly woman who basically stalks a man until he falls in love with her. It's a fantastic play. Honestly! But, I may be thinking to much about Fosca, the main character, and what exactly it is that worked for her.

Thank goodness Purple will be showing me that independent film I think we're alone now this weekend. That ought to pull me back down to earth.

I can't talk you down from Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is a lovely man.

And if you like Sondheim, I have Company! on DVD. it's fabulous.
Sweetie! What a wonderful trip down memory lane --that whole Malcolm Gets incident. I went along with you on that one, as I recall. It's just never good when you discover if they can sing and it turns out they can. All that and a voice, too. Never good.

Really enjoyed Passion, btw! Makes one wonder what the "He's Really Not That Into You" folks would say. He's not into you until you abuse him with your need and wear him out. Then he becomes quite ill, decides he's really into you, mauls you like a bear (and you're into the bear thing, presumably), shoots your cousin, then loses his mind for a bit.

But before that. He REALLY wasn't into you.

Heh heh! Can't wait for visit!
That is funny. It really is an interesting look at love. Crazy.
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