Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You got to be open to it.

I can’t decide what part of my outrage over the Foster Debacle was really just my pride. I’m pretty sure that somewhere my pride must have been involved. I want to say that I really didn’t care about the book itself but instead my outrage was over Christian writers being made to appear as heretical. For the last few weeks, as I played six degrees of separation I felt pretty self-righteous that I would NEVER EVER say things to make other believers appear evil… then I remembered that perhaps I would and, in fact, I have. There’s a certain Southern Baptist leader that literally drives me bonkers. I merely have to see his name on something and I lose my mind. And you should really hope you aren’t anywhere near me if I happen to see him on CNN or Fox News. It’s not pretty. Still, I’ve never called him a heretic. I just call him a jerk… or, uhm… idiot. Not good. So, I can’t say that I will stop thinking of him as a jerk but perhaps this can help me put an additional perspective on the Foster Debacle. I’m not sure what that perspective is yet… other than I can be wrong about other believers as well. Even though we do have different ideas and beliefs… I don’t know what I can learn from him. I’m sure there must be something, it may just take a while for me to figure it out and, of course, I’m going to need to be open to it first. That’s the real problem, I’m not open to hearing him.

BTW... Are any of you listening to Sara Groves' podcasts from her Art Music Justice tour? She's kicking my butt. I'm listening to the one about "Spiritual Buffalo" right now. I think it's number 5. Wow! Uhm, and yeah, I still did the 6 degrees thing... she spent some time on simplicity... Foster wrote a book about that. Ugh... When will I get over this.

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