Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Back from Philly

I made it back to the Ham from Philly and I am very happy to report that I behaved as well as could have been expected. Actually, I think I behaved far better than what was to be expected. I smiled at all the genies and I invited them all to come to the Ham in a manner that I fully believe was sincere. I think there was only one incident where I had a miscommunication problem with someone... and that wasn't my fault. I was trying to be nice but he was odd. And I can't even say he was truly odd but clearly we didn't understand each other. This all came about when he asked me what I knew about the telescope located just outside of my institution. Well, I don't know anything about a telescope and I told him that... So, he proceeded to go off on a rant about Steve Jobs and Russians... and he was cracking himself up. I still don't know what the heck he was talking about but I did finally figure out that he thought I was from the school with a similar name out in California. yeah, I'm not.

My first day there I walked down to the Independence Center where I came across a Constitutional Cow. Clearly, that is great photo opportunity so I grabbed a fellow tourist and had my picture made.

Then I walked down to see the Liberty Bell. Because, you know, I needed to see that before I die and now I've seen it. What else do I need to do before I die? I should come up with something... just for safety's sake. Hmmmm, I think I should visit Nepal to see Everest. Oh, and of course, I need to visit Easter Island to see the giant heads. Absolutely those are things that must be done.

After the bell, I walked back to the hotel which was about 6 blocks away. Now, the blocks in philly are not small. They are some where in-between going north to south and east to west in NYC. So, those blocks were a bit of a walk for me.... more than they ought to have been. On the walk back I had a guy tell me I was beautiful. The guy didn't appear to be in his right mind. But, I'm not picky about compliments. I pretty much take them any way I can get them. All though, I am currently thinking of reviewing that policy... at least where hot air is concerned. It seems that hot aired compliments may not be good for my id. It's all under consideration. Anyway, I had a guy tell me I was beautiful... then about a minute later yell not so pleasant words at me. Sigh. See, I ought to have a policy about that. That's not good. At least, my id can take comfort in the fact that he really didn't appear to be in sane.

The next day, I went to the museum of art. Well, amongst other things. I also went to Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's house, the Constitution Center, and Franklin Court. At Franklin Court I mailed a few post cards from the very first post office in the US and I walked through the Arch that Ben Franklin used to pass through on his way in and out of his house. That was all very exciting for me. BUT, back to the museum. It was a nice museum. Worth checking out. They had several Van Gogh pieces. I like Van Gogh. And they had these temples set up inside... Real ancient temples that I just found mystifying. I mean, how did the museums get them. Did they just call up India and say, "Hey, we'd like to buy that temple you have that is two thousand years old?" I mean how did that work? Anyway, they have temples there that are cool. I would also like you to know that even though I have never seen the film Rocky, I rand up and down the Rocky Stairs twice.... in about 15 mins. because I was looking for the Rocky statue and the museum was about to close. So, when I couldn't find the statue on my first trip down, I ran back up to ask a guard where it was then ran back down. There are 104 stairs. Just so you know. After running those stairs twice By-Golly I needed my picture with the stature so I flagged down another tourist.

On Friday, while I was sitting at my booth, this lady walked by and looked at me funny. Even as she passed me, she was starring. As you know, I'm very fragile so I was disturbed.... even more so when she started to come back towards me. When she got to me she said, "Who are you?" Well, you know, I'm not one to give out a bunch of personal info to strangers so I told her who I represented and not who I was. But, then she said, "Yes I know, But who are you?" Me, "I'm a librarian at the school" The lady, "Yeah, but you've been on television right? Are you famous? What show are you on?" You know ever since Reese Witherspoon won her Oscar for Walk the Line, I'm always getting mistaken for her. yeah right! No one has ever mistaken me for being famous before. I think I'm the most unphotogenic person on the planet. Even though I will let people take my picture, I like to think I look better in person than I do digital. I don't look like someone off of America's Most Wanted do I? Just to be clear, I have never ever been on a reality cop show either. I do try to behave.

Well, that is basically my Philly review. Over all it was a good trip. Certainly, it was a city worth visiting.

Here's one final picture. It was taken in George Washington and John Adams pew at Christ Church which is apparently where everyone went who wasn't Quaker. I just thought it was cool to have a picture of what George and John would have seen on Sunday Mornings while worshipping God.

Sweetie! Sounds like a wonderful trip! I so wish I could have come there with you!!! :( Oh, well. More warning next time, right? :) I think Sweetie is beautiful and am not surprised someone thought she was from television.

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