Monday, September 29, 2008


I love the Yaris

oh my gosh, I am so hungry. This has been one of those days when I keep thinking I'll eat in just a moment and then it never happens. I started out thinking I'd grab a little breakfast when I got to work this morning... Then it became, I'll go get a burger for lunch as soon as I finish such and such... and now I'm just dang hungry. The current mantra is, "I'll leave here in a few moments when my student finishes up and grab some chicken on the way home." I NEED SOME CHICKEN! Trust me. I'm Soooo hungry.

While I'm waiting for my student I'll tell you that I went to the University of Kentucky for a workshop last week. Lexington was a lovely city. I didn't have time to sight see really but I did manage to get lost 2x and so I saw a little more than I had expected. While I was there, I rented a Toyota Yaris. The guy at the rental company tried to get me to spend just a few dollars more a day to get a bigger car but I didn't think I could justify it with my employer so I stuck with the compact size car. It turns out I LOVED the Yaris. I want one. I only took one picture while I was up there and here it is... what does it tell you?

It was so much fun to drive and I think the gas milage was good. When I turned the car back in I only had to put. $11.13 worth of gas in... Which was about 2.5 gallons. And I must have driven about 70 miles around the city... and the turning ratious... was phenominal. Yes, I tested it.

I currently drive a Ford Escape... which I also love. It makes great excess storage in the rare times that I have company over to my house. The Yaris would never be good for that. Still, I want a Yaris. I keep trying to tell myself that a paid for car is better than a not paid for car... no matter what the gas milage is. That might not be true if I had to drive more... but, I'm not really a girl who drives a lot. I probably drive.... maybe 100 miles a week. So, it's not worth it right? my ability to reason needs some back up here.... because the desire to go car shopping is pretty strong.

I'm also a vain person. I probably wouldn't look very sophistacted or cool driving a Yaris either right? Right? help me out, right?

I don't need a new compact car do I? Well, do I? sigh. It was just so much fun to drive.

Okay... my student is through.... time for me to go find some food to chow down on... and trust me... it's not going to be pretty.

Yaris makes my top three for potential new cars. First is the Fit. Second is, oh, I don't remember. Sunshine has one. The Yaris falls off the list pretty quick because it doesn't have a configuration that allows for dog kennels. But, like I said, in the top three -- closer to the top if I was still a rat girl and not a dog girl.
I think you would look totally cool in a Yaris. A Yaris says that you care about the environment and you're doing your part.
Sunshine has a Yaris! I did not know that. I feel cooler already!
Still I'm a little concerned that a big ol' 5' 10' chick shouldn't drive a Yaris.
Okay, so I don't think it should matter how tall you are - if you find the car comfortable to drive then it suits you......

But I am going to be the anti-consumerist voice here (that you asked for)....don't get a new car. Nothing is wrong with your "old" car. It still looks and feels new! It is a perfect fit for your driving and your life. It is safe and a good size (for bham driving) So, maybe put the Yaris in your list for the future - but keep driving your paid-for car. Think of all the trips you can take with the car payment money you'll save!
(Having said all this - you know my car situation. still driving my grandmother's old car - a '91 model - no AC, bullet hole in the hood, hole in the fender. I'm all about paid for.)
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