Friday, September 19, 2008


Let's hope you've got two good hands and feet or no food for you.

There is a movement sweeping this nation. A movement that is part of the go green initiative in Universities and colleges across this country. Do you know what that movement is? It's the ban of cafeteria trays in dinning halls. It's ridiculous. I am against it. I typically go to the cafe on Fridays. I enjoy it. The meal for employees is only $2 and I get to actually see people who work in the building with me... but they work above ground. I don't often see the above ground dwellers. Heck, I even get to see people from all across campus. It's nice. Still my lunch time is very limited. I never take a full hour. I like to get in and get out. Lots to do you know. Do you know how much time the lack of a tray will cost me. That's two or three trips to get food and drinks and then two or three trips to the conveyor belt to put the dishes up. It's a cafeteria. There's lots of little dishes to carry. And what if you want a cold drink and coffee. And what do you do with your silverware? Carry it in your teeth? Let's just hope you have a pocket because what the heck do you do with your keys and id if you don't, make another trip?

The rationale is that if you don't have trays, you don't take as much food. So there's less waste right. Bah! It's a cafeteria! Granted the cafeteria here is pretty good. But, you are always going to pick up something that tastes nothing like you hoped it would... or worse yet, it's just bad. Some foods are not worth the calories. But, you don't know that until you take a bite. So, food is still going to be wasted. There is also an argument that says not providing trays saves on water. But, that's also not the best argument because apparently the dishwasher runs constantly... whether there's dishes going through it or not.

Someone write your representative. This madness needs to stop.

Doesn't this make you glad you aren't in college anymore?

Well, Sweetie, I have heard about the no tray plight and I think it is awful if you think of some poor person trying to take care of themselves and they need a free hand....trays are a tool, people. They are not the devil.

I don't think this no tray thing will fly. I bet you our lovely state will not do it. They are far to smart (to begin with) and also far too open to the diffrently abled (if that's the term).
Oh no, we're doing it... hence my rant. The trayless plight of others has hit home. It's crazy, crazy I tell you. I think I'd be more accepting of it if they'd pay me for the 10 extra minutes my lunch in the cafe is costing me because I lack a tray.
No trays?? What is the world coming to?? That's just insane!
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