Tuesday, September 16, 2008


New Desk

I got a new desk today. Yippee! I meant to take a picture of my old desk before it was replaced but things have just been to crazy and I forgot. My previous desk was brought into the library before the invention of the computer. Now, old can be good and the desk was a good solid wood desk but it just didn't give me enough space to work and I literally had to put blocks under all the legs in order to get my knees under it.

My new desk is only new to me. It is actually a cast off from a Student organization that until recently had an office in the library. When they moved out, I got the desk. Huzzah.

I've been like a mad woman cleaning out junk and swapping out the desks. Today, I started loading up the desk and discovered that I had an atrocious amount of writing utensils. Before I got rid of them I took a picture.

And those are only the pens that work. There are about 30 or 40 more pens in the trash that were all dried up. I don't know how I manged to get so many pens. But, this I know... I don't need to pick up anymore pens at any future conferences or workshops. I think I'm good for a long long time.

Now, I am whooped. I'm tired. I seriously could use a back massage or a cracking. Leaning over boxes and loading up drawers has killed my back.

So, I think I am really missing being on one of my old blogs. Keeping up with folks isn't as easy using blogspot. Maybe that's because I haven't invested myself fully into figuring it out.

People who love you will follow you anywhere. :)
I'm here! And I'm figuring out blogspot too. So many little things to learn!
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