Thursday, September 18, 2008


to walk or not to walk, that is the question.

I've about done all I can do for the day at my desk and so now I'm trying to decide something. Since we are not face to face, I feel I can be completely honest with you. I can right? Can I go for a walk/run wearing shorts? Clearly the answer to that is yes. Cause you know, a heck of a lot of things in this world are possible. Perhaps they are not probable and perhaps some things shouldn't be done but they are still possible. Here's the thing. My legs are, uhm, not really as shaved as the world might like them to be if I am going to be wearing shorts... as I would be because that's what I have with me to change in to. Here's another side of that coin.... no one in the world ought to be looking close enough to see my legs are not as shaved as they ought to be. Without an in depth study, surely the world would never know... right? But, I'd know. My vanity may not allow it. But, it's nice outside. I'd like to go. I think I'm going to go change and take my walk/run... So listen if any of you should happen to pass me out there and I know that is highly unlikely but like I said many things... though not probably... are possible. So, if you happen to pass me, do not make an in-depth study of my legs. It would not be good for either of us. And you know... I'd hate to have to fight the "ought-not-to-have demon" later on tonight... or you know for the rest of my life. You never know how long that demon will cling to you and suck the marrow right out of your body.

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