Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ben's new CD

So my boy, Ben Folds, has a new cd out. As you know, I love him. I found out about his new cd when my Tivo recorded Conan O'Brian last week for me and Ben was a guest. I was diggin' the song Ben sang on Conan (with Regina Spektor) It had no dirty words in it... so I went and bought myself a copy. I should have known the Conan appearance was an edited version of my boy's new music. Because, Ben knows how to use a four letter word and employs that knowledge often. I should have heeded the explicit lyrics warning on the cd. I did not. Ben's words hurt me. On Conan Ben used the word "Heck." Sure that's a word I hadn't heard Ben use before but it worked. I'm naive I guess because I just didn't expect the F bomb... yet there it was when I put the cd on in my innocent little Ford Escape. I've corrupted my car. I went to to see if they sold his music. The website said it was available only online. I know that Walmart stores only sell clean music and you can buy clean versions of popular music there... but is the same true for Sigh. Some of the new songs on this album are pretty rough. I'm just not sure the craft of the song could withstand editing... there would be nothing left. Sigh, I still love my boy Ben. I still respect his talent. I respect his right to not be censored... BUT, I'm still praying for him. And of course, I tell you all this because I respect your right to censor what you put in your ears should you so desire.

So the song he did on Conan, "You Don't Know Me" is a very catchy tune and it seems it is also the cleanest song on the cd. I guess I'll still be listening to it... but I will have to shout "Heck!" when the time is appropriate. I can deny a lot.


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