Friday, October 31, 2008


Don't be the Bunny!

For two days now I've been dealing with a migraine. I'm wondering what is up with that. I thought the migraine had finally lifted this afternoon... but now as I sit in front of my computer... I'm not so sure my eyeball is secure inside my head. And why is my computer screen so bright.-I can't seem to figure out how to dim the screen. Does that make me stupid? I found the button to let me choose the option of adjusting the brightness but I can't find the buttons to actually change it.... ARGH!!!!!!!

Okay, I am now sitting at my desk with sunglasses on. As the great Spunkey once said... "If you can't go through, go around." I think that's what I just did.... metaphorically speaking. sorta.

So, did you know that if you live in Alabama.... on election day you will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not people in my county should have to pay their own sewer bills. I'm not making that up. So uhm, I don't want to pay my sewer bill . Until now, I didn't realize that was an option. I think I will vote no to that... No matter where you live in my state... you have the ability to vote on that as well. In fact, perhaps I will just vote no to all the amendments... I've made that threat before. Have I ever mentioned that my state needs a new constitution. Seriously, people in the state will be voting to amend the state constitution so that people in my county will need to pay their own sewer bills. Now doesn't that seem just a little bit crazy? Of course there is something going on with the local sewer people anyway... the company seems to be having financial woes... maybe this is the problem... people don't have to pay their bills. I actually have no idea what is going on... it just seems crazy that the state will be voting on it though... First, vote for who should be president... then flip that ballot over and vote about my sewer system... woohoo!

Don't believe me, check it out... here

"So, come and give your coins to me

Write your name here in the record book

The authorities will want to look

If you've been regular with me

If you've paid the proper fee

For the privilege to pee" Urinetown The Musical

I'm applled that we can't vote early Alabama. A whole other thing that got me riled up the other day.
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