Thursday, October 9, 2008


Famous People Parts

Okay so this is also on facebook but I thought I would post it here as well.

Several months ago I was clicking through Donald Miller's Flicker site and I came across a picture of Bono. It was a bad picture of Bono. I mean, you could tell it was him, but only because of his clothes or hair or something. It made me laugh. Here it is.

Can you find Bono? Anyway, after seeing that picture I decided that I wanted to start collecting bad pictures of celebrities. Then I realized I actually already have some. Here they are. I think I'll make it into a quiz.

Name that Star.

First try it without the list of celebs to choose from. I think it'd be too easy if you knew who to expect. But if you need choices to match with the picture, look below.






6 (Bonus - not on Facebook)

Here are your celebs to choose from

A) Mac Powell B) Roger Bart C) Liza Minelle D) Hugh Jackman E) Steven Weber F) Rufus Sewell

Don't Cheat !


1 - C Liza Minnelle, 2 - A Mac Powell (light blue shirt sitting down), 3 - F Rufus Sewell, 4 - D Hugh Jackman, 5 - E Steven Weber, 6 - Roger Bart

Did you get them all right? Was that a fun game? I seriously think I'm going to start taking unfortunate pictures of celebs from now on. It might be more fun that way. Don't you think?

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