Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hiking and Green Beans

Saturday I went hiking with some folks (KAG and C and another friend of theirs) up Ruffner Mtn. Before I started the hike I began asking around about it. I wanted to know what I was in for and did I need sport skivvies on. No one could answer that question. However, for future reference, if anyone reading this is so inclined to hike Ruffner... no, you really don't. But, I would say you need hiking boots as opposed to tennis shoes, which is what I was wearing. And depending on how hot it is... you may want long pants because you will be walking through some brush. Now, Ruffner Mountain is really one of the foothills of the Appalachians. So, if you've seen the Mountains out west you may cry foul at Ruffner actually being labeled a mountain. Still, it was a hike on an incline. I was sweating profusely within about 5 minutes of the journey. Since I'm vain, I didn't care for that. I would prefer not to sweat. But, then I guess that would make me unhealthy, right? Better to sweat I guess. I just wish I was more ladylike about it.

Now, I would have guessed we hiked about 2 miles or so... but, according to the trail map. It was really on .3 miles. How is that possible? I've walked 2 miles before... many times. That trail seemed longer to me. Maybe that's because it was all up hill - both ways - or so it seemed. Still it was enjoyable and I'd recommend it to folks.

That's a picture of me at the top of the "Mountain"... and that's my lovely city in the distant background. KAG took this and I swear I wasn't really aware that I was in the picture. If I had known I'd have been smiling... and perhaps a little freaked out. But, at least it's not a close up of my glistening forehead and there are no visible sweat marks on my clothing so that's good. KAG said this was a good picture to be labeled Chick in the Ham. I think she's right.

After hiking we went to Whole Foods where I discovered dried green beans are YUMMY! and very bad for you. Not that I've done the research but I think dried green beans may be worse for you than say... fries from McDonalds. I may have to research that for curiosity's sake. Luckily, although, the beans are yummy... they don't appear to be something you eat fist full after fist full of. So that's good. I'll probably never achieve eating 1 serving at at time... which is good because 1 serving is 450 calories. Can you believe that!!! But, hey... they are a completely organic snack AND they are Yummy! Not quite as yummy as the ginger bread though. I bought a whole bunch of that!!!! and will probably be going back for more. Love it!

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