Friday, October 24, 2008


I think I should invest in sand bags

I officially had a crappy day today. I honestly can say that and it's the absolute truth. For you see, when I arrived to work this morning I found there was a fountain of raw sewage water springing forth out of the lower level bathrooms which just happen to be across from my processing lab/office. So, within mere moments of the fountain springing forth... My crappy day had begun. 

This is nothing new. We've had several floods before in my area. Nothing of importance ever gets put on the floor... and that's saying something since my archive is literally out of space. Anyway, we have various types of flooding from time to time. The kind we had today had happened twice before... But, it had been several years...  We had sort of lulled our way into a false security. 

Never let your guard down... That's when the crap will hit ya. 

Here's the funny thing... like I said, we've had several floods before but never ever have we had the bright idea of using our old stacks of newspapers that sit around waiting to be recycled as ways to soak up and stop the water.  I work with fairly intelligent people. Why had that never occurred to us before? Maybe, we've been like deer in headlights... just pushing water with mops and stuff... frantically trying to fight the floods and protect stuff. But, it took a new director to make the suggestion.  And our cleaning crew was fantastic. They even helped us (me and my coworkers) disinfect our shoes. Wasn't that good of them. I may need to bring them cake on Monday....

Anyway, may we all have a non crappy weekend. 

Just when I think my life is worth complaining about. Sheesh. I swear, I'm going to stop my bellyaching -- when I really get going, you get flooded with sewage. I'm so sorry.
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