Monday, October 13, 2008


Andrew's New CD

Last night I went to see Andrew Peterson in concert. He's my friend. I have a sticker that says so. He just doesn't know my name. hehe. Anyway, I went to his FREE concert where he sang every song from his new CD. I love his songs. And I loved what I heard from his CD.... which I preordered weeks ago and won't actually get until next week sometime (fingers crossed). Until then, I can listen to it online. You can too. The second part of the concert was made up of requests. He started the segment with "Nothing To Say" which had I been the type of girl to shout requests out is exactly what I would have requested. After that, someone requested the "Queen of Iowa" which you know is a sad song. I'd heard Andrew speak a little about the song before but last night he gave quite an introduction and he had me in tears by the time he started singing. By the end of it I think I told God that I was going to need him to close with "After the Last Tear Falls," because I was an emotional wreck and I just love that song. Well, I don't know if it was Divine intervention or what but that is the song Andrew closed with.... and I flat out bawled my eyes out. How embarrassing. Thank goodness I was among friends. But, Andrew may want his sticker back. Although... he cried too... but then it was his song. Oh well. I never said I was cool.

What I took away from the concert... other than Andrew's music and stories, was a quote Andrew paraphrased from his memory. I asked him about it after the show and he said he wasn't sure it wasn't written anywhere but he once heard Mike Yaconelli say it at a conference. It goes something like this... Spirituality is nothing more than paying attention to what's around you. Now, that's me paraphrasing Andrew's paraphrasing. But, it was something like that. Anyway, I liked it because I always think of Spirituality along Rich's terms... which seemed to be about obedience. You know, "A spiritual thing is making your bed. A spiritual thing is taking cookies to your neighbor that is shut in or raking their front lawn because they are too old to do it. That is spirituality." which I always connect with "Closeness to God is not about feelings. Closeness to God is about obedience. It's just as simple as that." I don't know that I should connect them but I do. I was glad to get another perspective.

I didn't fully intend to really write about this. But, oh well. That's where I ended up. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you what Jason Bateman and Craig Kilborn have to do with my closets. That was what I originally had planned to write about. oh well. Go read some Rich or listen to Andrew.

P.S. For Sweetie.... The song "Rocket" was totally written for our Astronaut. Do you remember Astronaunt Patrick Forrester?

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Of course, Sweetie, how could I forget? I'm still a bit embarrassed that I asked him about Tang so insistently. Do you suppose he gets extra pay for days where he has to deal with folks like me? I should have asked him about Velcro. Darn it all.
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