Tuesday, October 14, 2008


uhm, yikes

Did anyone else catch the show "17 kids and counting" last night? Oh my goodness. I just happened to catch the first few minutes of it and was seriously disturbed. And, in those few minutes I thought to my self... find the remote and change that channel... But, then I got hooked. It was just so crazy. Wow! So, some people have peas on their table and some have mashed potatoes... Who am I to judge. I'm no one. Still. I found it odd. And I'm assuming that other people might find it odd as well or it wouldn't be a tv show.

My favorite person on the show is AMY. She's fantastic. I have a theory that she's the master mind behind the whole show. And my favorite part last night is when the family was at a theme park watching a man make nails. Amy, looked at the camera and said, "we're watching a man make nails. You can buy a whole pack of them for 50 cents but no, he's making them and we're watching." That made me laugh!!!

So, uhm, I just hyper linked the above two paragraphs. Now, the right thing to do would be to fix that mistake... But, yeah, I'm not going to. Uhm, how do you feel about reading purple or blue... And, you know, you can click anywhere up there now and find out about that show. Which, by-the-way, I've decided to Tivo to make sure my friends can watch it too. I feel it's not to be missed. I think an arranged marriage might be on the way.


I totally have it sitting on my Tivo this minute. I'm fascinated by the Duggars. And all those "J" names! This next kid is due around Christmas and I was convinced if it was a boy they were going to name him Jesus.
To be fair, I watched this show again and it wasn't nearly as crazy as it seemed at first. I think the Bates family staying with the Duggars was just wild. And their visit to the Dixie Stampede - Funny!
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