Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Awry again!

So today started off with me in the midst of Popsicle goo. Not a good way to start the day... but this is what comes of me trying to better myself. This is why I don't clean out a lot of stuff... because I am prone to goof up. Seriously, it always seems to happen.

A couple of years ago I was CRAZY for those sugar free Popsicles you get at the grocery store. And so I stocked up big time. Then I lost interest in them. Boxes of them remained in my freezer for months and months and months untouched. So, Monday night I decided to get rid of them and make myself some space in the freezer. No one wants to be crowded... Everyone wants to be able to breath. No one wants to die under a pile of rubble. Right!? Only, when I got them out of the freezer, I didn't immediately put them in the trash because my hands were full and I was trying to rearrange stuff in the freezer. So, I put them on top of the freezer thinking I'd throw them out in a second... Yeah, that didn't happen. Last night, I kept thinking I smelled koolaide in my kitchen... but you know, I'm on a juice kick so I thought it was just juice or something... Yeah, this morning I went to get some juice and happened to look up only to see a soggy box of Popsicles with goo everywhere. I managed to clean the top of the refrigerator pretty good but now I need to get behind the refrigerator to get the goo. This is not going to be easy. Personally, I'd like to ignore the goo. Out of site, out of mind right? And what's wrong with a kitchen smelling like Kool-aide. Only, I don't want furry woodland creatures moving in with me... or ants. So, I guess I can't ignore this problem. I'm not happy. But, see this is why I don't like to throw stuff away. I mess up. My dad is coming over tonight to see if he can help me. But, heads up to all those fellas that know me and have talked big in the past about being willing to help me if ever I needed it... yeah, You are on notice. I might need your muscles... you might get a call. Thank you and goodnight.

C would just about move a mountain for you. Let us know if you need anything.
Awww thanks. You guys are the best!
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