Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Bye Bye Tubberville - I'm Sad to See You Go.

I just heard on the news that Tubberville was fired as the head coach at Auburn. I'm soooo bummed about this. First Croom leaves MS. State and now Tubberville is gone.

I wonder if State could talk Tubberville into coming back to MS. I liked Tommy. I'm very sad by this news... almost... no definitely more sad over Tommy than Croom.

Sigh.... this has just not been a good year for me and football.

I'll try to be happy for those BAMA fans but it's just not the same when you own teams are doing poorly and your schools are letting you down... athletically...

I want my coaches back.

I'm taking a little pleasure in knowing that Auburn will have to pay him 3 million over the next 30 days and another 3 million in the next year.... Auburn has let me down. I thought that was where the Angels sang.... sigh.....


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