Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to All! 

I had a lovely Christmas this year I hope you all did as well. Last night before going to bed I wanted to watch the telly, only I wanted to watch something about Jesus. That was not to be found. The Chronicles of Narnia was on and I was willing to watch that but I only caught the last few seconds of it. Sad.  So, instead, I watched my Behold the Lamb of God Concert DVD. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that concert/cd/dvd? I really, really do. In fact, in church last Sunday I claimed that concert as my favorite Christmas tradition. My family doesn't really have a lot of traditions but I've gone to see that show for the last 5 years so it has sort of become a tradition for me. It truly is one of my favorite things about the Christmas season... best concert about the True Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ ever. 

I realized  a few moments ago that I forgot to ask Santa for Frederick Buchner's latest book. Fraggle Rock. Oh well, I guess I wouldn't have had time to read it now anyway. I've got so many books going right now. Still reading UnChristian. It really is an exceptional book. I'm so glad it was recommended to me. I sort of think every Christian should read it. Seriously, it makes a lot of good points about how we are interacting with the world and how we are perceived. Anyway, books aside, Santa was very good to me. My dad gave me a necklace that I know I will treasure forever.  And my mother picked me out some lovely sweaters. 

I checked a few moments ago. I was bummed to see that I missed out on purchasing a Bag of Crap. I want a bag of crap. I don't think I'll ever get one. There's no way I will ever be able to act fast enough. Those crap bags sold out in 7 mins. Woo! There's no way my free Netzero could compete. I wonder what the bag of crap actually was. I think I'll tell myself it was a chainsaw. Currently, I feel I can live without a chainsaw. 

Well, time to go find a cheesy holiday movie to watch. 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. 

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