Friday, December 5, 2008


I Saw the Light, I Saw the Light.

I often leave work in the dark. You don't have to leave work very late to be in the dark these days... still I miss the light... especially since I work in a converted interior closet of the lower level of the library. I miss the sun. And you know, It gets dark at night.... here. :) HEHE (That's for Sweetie)

Anyway, when I leave and start my climb up the hill to my car. The light over the concrete stairs in the parking lot always shuts off just as I approach. It's giving me a complex. I've seen other people use the stairs AND the light. Why does it shut off for me? I'm beginning to take it personally. Am I a vampire and only the light knows it? This is what I'm beginning to wonder. I don't think I'm a vampire. And besides even if I was, why would the light shut off? But, I'm not a vampire so it doesn't matter.

A couple of days ago I had email woes and cell phone woes... maybe I'm becoming magnetic and all machinery/ computery stuff shuts down when I'm around. That'd be sad.

Hey, a Ragamuffin Friend just started this Internet shop thing called the LolliShops. It's quite cool. Check it out. It seems like stuff MzLibrarian and Purple would find interesting... or so I would think. I just think it's cool so I thought I'd share. It sort of reminds me a little of the local Naked Art store. Fun, Fun.

Have a good weekend.

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