Monday, January 26, 2009


No Heat

This weekend, Saturday night to be exact, I lost heat in my house. When I got home that night, it seemed extra cold ... So, I looked at my thermometer and found that it was 58 degrees in my house… well, that’s a little cooler than I like to be indoors (especially in my own home)… So, I bumped up the thermometer a bit… cause you know, at that time I had it sitting around 65 so I wasn’t really that alarmed. Only when I moved it up to 70 my furnace didn’t come on. I realized something was wrong so I opened up my closet and opened up my furnace… Like I would know what the heck I was looking for. Only when I opened it the pilot light did come on and the furnace did light. Which, of course, is not good if you are a girl like myself who has no business opening up a furnace and didn’t even think to turn it off first. The furnace stayed lit for no more than 10 seconds. Not enough, to heat a house. I turned off the furnace and then closed everything back up and prayed that God would help me find my space heater that I hadn’t used in two years. Yeah, I couldn’t find it. So, I put on my warm Thing 1 costume, grabbed my cat and crawled under two comforters. At 1:30 a.m. I realized I was not going to be able to sleep with my nose being frozen solid and so I prayed again and got out of bed to search again for a heater. By this time it was 53 degrees in my house. Survivable but not pleasant. For some reason I decided to check my outside storage unit for a heater. Not a decision that would have been made on my own… cause at that time I was dang tired and braless. None the less I went out there and to my relief found a heater that I had forgotten even existed. Thank you God for my heater and thank you that it wasn’t any colder that night. The next morning, my house was 50 degrees (except for my cozy bedroom). Taking a shower Sunday was not an easy thing to do. I debated seriously about it but then decided a shower before church would be best for everyone.

Folks at church were very helpful. They offered very good advice and I TOTALLY appreciate their care and concern for me. I’m glad to know that there are folks out there who do not want me to freeze to death. When I got home from church my dad came over. He used to work on boilers for hospitals and nursing homes. I don’t have a boiler, I have a furnace, I wasn’t sure he could help me. I don’t think he was either but he did. Apparently, a safety feature on my furnace is the same as those on old boilers. Hooray. The little bar that keeps me alive by making sure I don’t die of gas poisoning had gotten corroded. Therefore, my heater couldn’t tell the flame was on and it was shutting itself off in order to save my life. Thanks little furnace I appreciate your good intentions. My dad showed me how to clean it off if I ever have this problem again. I feel very empowered. You think I should go for a heating and cooling license now? Yeah, I don’t think so. I think my chances of dying by machine (and clumsiness would be too greatly improved)

For you grammatically correct people out there… is it ok for me to say I feel very empowered rather than much empowered? My computer tells me it is not. But, my sense of self says it’s okay.

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