Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Remember, Please Drink Responsibly!

So, I am incredibly addicted to British dramas right now. I already told you that. But, I would also like you to know that yesterday I got Daniel Deronda in the mail from Netfilx. I was anxiously awaiting its arrival... only Spunky called me and told me not to watch it because she owns it and wanted to show it to me. We are very good friends but that almost pushed me to my limit. I told her if I could find the 2nd dvd of Robin Hood then I would wait... I couldn't find it. Still, because Spunky is a dear friend I put Daniel Deronda back in the mail to Netflix this morning... unwatched. I'm not feeling well. I'm not sure I'll survive.

Moving On...

Last Friday I went to dinner with a friend. I think we discovered the best fru-fru drink ever. EVER!!! It is the Cotton Candy Cosmo at O'Charleys and it is YUMMY! Neither of us are big drinkers so when the waitron brought us a glass of cotton candy and a seperate drink mixer we both looked at each other in a confused state... But, not to worry because the waitron took care of us. We didn't actually have to figure out how to make the drink... and my friend and I didn't have to look stupid. Thank goodness... cause you know, who wants to look stupid. Then we found out we got to take the mixer home with us as a little souvenir. Woohoo! AND, the mixer had the drink recipe on it. Callooh Callay! It was a very good day.

Here's a link to a stranger's blog about the drink. It also has the recipe.

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