Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wash Your Hands

I am a hand washing freak. Seriously! Spunky calls me a Cat. I wash my hands constantly. If I make you cookies or a cake or anything at all... I probably washed my hands ten times in the process. You know, crack an egg, wash hands... crack another egg, wash hands. Get goo on my hands, wash hands. Even now at work... we are merging some book collections... I'm pretty much nasty all day with book dust all over me... But, every so often, I just have to stop and go wash my hands and then get back to work. Thank God for good lotion. Although, currently, I don't think I can slather it on enough.

Last night, I made my first home version of the Cotton Candy Cosmo with some friends. (it wasn't as good as the ones at O'Charleys... but whatever) before I reached into the back of cotton candy... I washed my hands. After I finished getting the cotton candy... I washed my hands. Isn't it gross to think of people handling food or the ice for a beverage who haven't washed their hands. YUCKO!

Today at work, someone sent this video out to campus... I'm telling you, if I end up with a worm in my brain OR anywhere else... Someone is going to pay!!!

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