Monday, January 5, 2009


What's Mine Could Be Yours

Heads up for all you folks who may have spent time with me between 2 and 4 weeks ago… I was diagnosed with Mycoplasma Pneumonia last week… And someone out there who saw me 4 to 5 weeks ago is responsible for getting me sick for my Christmas vacation. I’m working on figuring out who to blame. I wonder if I have a baby to blame. They apparently carry this disease but show no symptoms. Hmmm, it would be hard to be mad at a baby. Anyway, if I made you sick you should know in a couple of weeks. Mycoplasma Pneumonia takes about 3 weeks for symptoms to show up. And, if it should show up… I’m sorry. On the good side, it’s not that bad of a disease to have…. Just a little exhausting due to coughing like you’ve probably never coughed before. And you know, it might last up to 13 weeks. My doctor asked me if I needed an excuse for work when I went to see him. Too bad I didn’t realize that what I had could last 13 weeks at the time. I wonder if I could have gotten an excuse for that long. That would have been sweet. The next morning after my Dr. visit, he called to check on me. Can you believe that? A doctor called to check on a patient. I think I found a good doctor. Of course, he also lectured me pretty good for not coming in sooner. I tend to get lectures a lot from doctors. It is sort of nice though to feel like you have the right to be sick and rest and not have to worry about whether or not you should be behaving in a more productive manner or if you are a slacker cause you slept in late.

So, I’m actually looking forward to 2009. New Year’s Eve is my least favorite day of the year. I hate it. I think it’s because I hate change and I hate getting older. Well, I hate it being documented anyway. It’s hard to ignore those numbers that just keep increasing. Plus, I think my life just stays the same. I think I’m the same now as I was the day I left college… except I have a mortgage now. That’s a little depressing to me. Maybe I don’t hate change. Maybe I hate everything else changing and me staying the same. Anyway, I’ve decided to be optimistic this year. My life is really pretty good so I don’t really know why I hate New Year’s so much; I just do but this year… I want to throw in a dash of excitement and perhaps some things will change for the better.

Last night I watched Masterpiece Classic on PBS. Did anyone else watch it? It was a new adaption (*) of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles. There was a really good movie made a few years ago of that novel. At first, I wasn’t sure why someone would make another one. BUT, it was excellent. If you missed the first installment, you can watch it online.

(*) Hyperlinked for Sweetie - do you remember fighting about that word? Uhmhmmmph.

You know I've been coughing for three months right? I hope it wasn't me.

Feel Better!
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