Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Did anyone else watch the Grammy's on Sunday. I missed the first 45 mins of it. But, still I feel I saw enough to say.. I watched it.

I was happy about all the awards Robert Plant and Alyson Kraus won. I was even happier when Alyson mention Buddy Miller in her thank yous. Woohoo Buddy!

I've never really listened to Radiohead but after seeing them on the Grammy's, I've decided I need to check them out. Although, when they said that the marching band from USC was joining them... I did think it was odd to bring a band out from South Carolina. I wondered what the connection was. BUT, before the song was over... I had figured out my faux pas. Perhaps they meant Southern Cal. That makes a lot more sense but you know... I'm from the South and not a big football fan outside of the south... of course, my brain went to South Carolina. By the way... I thought that performance was rockin'!

Now on to what has given me nightmares since Sunday night. M.I.A. To quote Penny on The Big Bang Theory, "Holy Crap on a Cracker!" Did you guys see it. Why, Why, Why? I don't understand. I need help understanding. Part of me wonders if she thought she would be in the hospital giving birth so she didn't actually make a plan for a wardrobe choice... I mean, that's the best excuse I can think of. If you didn't see it, you really ought to check it out...

And please.... PLEASE share with me your thoughts. I need some sort of closure.

I can only imagine that formal wear for 9-month pregnant women is very limited. I was afraid she would give birth on stage.

And Big Bang Theory? Love!! I laugh so hard every week.
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