Tuesday, February 10, 2009


one more round

Last week I was sick again. I've decided that maybe my getting sick so much is because I'm getting old. It's either that or all the dirty junk I work with. But, I think even if it's the later reason... it still comes back to the fact that I'm getting old. BECAUSE all the dirty junk did not used to bother me. Well, I thought it was gross sometimes but it didn't make me sick. But, on what I consider a good note... and yet a very selfish one as well, just about everyone else around here is sick too. I am sorry everyone is sick but it is good not to be alone and feeling decrepit. By the way, it's been 5 weeks since I had a migraine. I'm feeling positive about that. Maybe the new medicine I'm on will work. However, I don't think I can safely say it is until I've gone a couple of more weeks. I'm hopeful though. I told you how much that medicine costs right? It's like $200 but eventually my insurance will kick in so that's okay. Still it was a shocker. I shared that price with my mother and she was shocked but said it was worth it if it keeps the migraines away. Which is SOOOO true. Then I told her I had a friend who took the drug and thought it made her gain weight. At that point, my mother thought I should see if there were other drugs available. I thought that was a little harsh. God forbid my tush get any bigger. But of course, I can't say I don't feel the same way. I don't want a bigger butt. It's more than plenty big as it is. Before I got sick I went bowling with some friends. I put on my jeans that I love. The ones that were the smaller size and they were depressingly tight. I thought maybe they would stretch out as I bowled. They didn't. I think perhaps I may have been indecently dressed that night. I've decided to practice denial over that. And, of course, it was denial that led me to walk out of the house in those tight jeans in the first place. I'm going to try and make better decisions in my choice of jeans in the future.

Oh and while I was sick, I caught my mother reading one of my old journals from college. She told me she thought I had a talent for writing and that she had enjoyed what she read. Yikes! I had some bad times in College... my journals are not safe. However, it did turn out it was a journal that I had kept for a creative writing class so there were no juicy details in there to embarress me.... Still, there is a principal there that was broken. I went back and read it myself. I had forgotten most of the things I wrote about. Hmmm. Aparently one night Sweetie led all the fellas at drinky wazza in a lap around the tables as an ape. Spunkey makes a very good primate.

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