Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How to deal with controversy

A couple of weeks ago I got a collection in on Southern Baptist controversies covering the 70s, 80s, and 90s. At first, I thought no problem. I'll knock that collection out in an afternoon. Yeah, no way. Because once I started going though it... I kept getting more and more angry. I simply can't handle all the politics and back-biting that goes on. Most of the controversy was over my head. But, the back-biting wasn't. It's not healthy for me to get angry over religion. So, I came up with a plan to pass the collection on to someone else... cause I totally have that sort of power... every now and then.

So yesterday a bright-eyed, happy, innocent student started working for me. He needed something to do and so I handed the controversy collection right on over to him. And, he got it done pronto. I think putting stuff in order might be his gift. Oddly enough, that is a rare gift.

Today, I was going back over his work and trying to pull out important names to index. I found myself getting a little upset again. But, finally I found an article from the Wittenburg Door on Inerrancy. It was basically on a man named Harold Lindsell and Adrien Rogers. Again... it was basically over my head but The Door makes me laugh. And so I read the article. And as expected I took a side. I am on the side of Adrien Rogers. I don't know exactly what side he is on but he made me laugh the most and so I will side with him. Plus, he seemed sane.

Let me quote from something Lindsell said "The Bible claims the doctrine of the Trinity. The word Trinity does not appear in Scripture. But the Trinity, Trinitarianism, is a basic concept of systematic theology. The word inerrancy doesn't appear in Scripture but the Bible definitely claims inerrancy." That's from the Feb/March 1980 issue. I've no clue what that means but didn't you sort of enjoy it.

Anyway, thank goodness for student workers... never would have made it through this collection without my bright-eyed innocent one that just started yesterday. Best way to deal with controversy is to hand it off to someone else.

Ok a year has passed and I AM NOT on the side of Adrien Rogers. Rogers passed away a couple of years ago. But, if he was alive today... I wouldn't like him. I know he loved the Lord but man he has since ticked me off. I almost want to vomit over the fact that I was on his side. NOOOOOOOO!
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