Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Realm of Calendar Boys

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I learned Jude Law was going to be on Broadway this fall doing Hamlet. WELL, who doesn't want to see Jude Law in Hamlet. Plus, that would make him totally accessible as my 2009 Calender Boy.... that is, if I can get up to NYC this fall. That trip isn't looking likely at this point... but Jude Law is still in the realm of possibility. I might be more giggly over Jude Law than I was over Rufus Sewell. As you know, Rufus first gained my attention by simply being named Rufus... He was still worthy of my attention though... quite the looker... and he was nice enough. But, Jude Law can make my knees weak with just an onscreen smile. Wheh! So I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Law on Broadway.

However, being my Calendar Boy is not something that goes to the most accessible gorgeous fella. I must also think someone is cool or he is not worthy. That being said. I think I have found someone else that I'd like to be my calendar boy. This fella is quite the looker himself but outside of that... he is cool. His name is Scott Harrison. Do you know who that is? What about Charity: Water? If you don't know about Charity: Water yet, I think it's only a matter of time before you start seeing it mentioned everywhere. I didn't know what it was until one of its staff requested to follow me on Twitter. And even after, I started to follow him... I didn't investigate... but slowly I got pulled in by his tweets... So, now I think they rock! Anyway, I wonder if Scott Harrison would be willing to be my Calendar Boy? I wonder how far I could get with begging if I were to stop by their offices in NYC? hmmm.... I'm pretty sure my asking a complete stranger, "Will you be my Calendar Boy," would not be appealing to most people. I wonder if my begging would be even less appealing. Probably. Anyway, I'll start talking to God and the Universe and not worry about it until I find that bridge to cross.

If you do check out Scott, be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page. Also you can read about him in last Sunday's NY Times " Clean, Sexy, Water"

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