Thursday, August 27, 2009


After the Break Down

Last week I had a break down. I think it was good for me… I mean it was a little ugly but it was good…. Because, I went a little bezerk , my blessed student workers stepped in and stepped up and helped to uncover me from research questions and unprocessed rat poop infested boxes of stuff. We got a lot done. Sadly there are still over 1600 boxes of unprocessed stuff. But for now about 2/3 of them are out of my sight… out of sight out of mind… breath normally. No problem. AND I’ve got no ASAP research requests plaguing me AND my supervisor is back. I don’t have to be totally responsible anymore. When I don’t know something… the buck doesn’t stop with me… I have someone I can ask. Hoorah!

Two library school student interns started this week. I’ve spent a great deal training them. I have such high hopes for them. Seriously, it’s like a weight lifted off of my chest. They are going to be processing fools for me…. And oddly enough… they are excited about this. Yippie…fresh, bright-eyed, eager help. I hope I don’t destroy that for them. I hope they still what to be archivists when I finish with them. I am not trying to kill them I promise. I haven’t even given them rat infested boxes… Although, I will be… hehehe… but only so they see the good with the bad. But, I started them off with fantastic things.

One intern got this collection of family diaries going back to the civil war. The detail about the war in them is fantastic. It’s an unbelievable collection. We have a lot of stuff that dates back to the Civil War… but oddly enough… they don’t often always mention the war. Strange but true… I guess I hardly ever talk about what is going on now a-days in the stuff I write… In 100 years, if someone read my journal, what they’d learn is that I was a nut… they’d get nothing about what is happening over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyway, that is an update on my state of mind. In case it’s not clear… I still have a mind. My ovaries are still kicking my butt though… I grow more and more bitter about them. It seems their sole purpose in my life is misery. Blayck! Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out what to do about that and the medicine. I guess I will just try and be grateful that I don’t have other problems, like I’m not going to turn into that sad, lost, and crazy young man that killed all those poor folks at VA Tech. You don’t have to worry about that happening in my life.

AND God is good!

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