Saturday, August 29, 2009


Going to See Pierce

I’m going to see Pierce Pettis tonight. You have no idea what a miracle this is. As I mentioned yesterday… I love him but I’ve been wavering about actually going to his concert. This was for various reasons. But, yesterday it did start hitting me… you can’t miss him. Then this morning… it was almost like a panic set in… my mind was racing, “You have to see Pierce.” But, who at this late notice would/could go. I have a couple of Pierce loving friends but I wasn’t sure that was a possibility for other various reasons… I have another friend who likes coffee shop type concerts only… she is responsible and this show isn’t starting until 9. Why must concerts start at 9? Not everyone is young you know. Some folks have to get up early. The one person I thought I might could ask at the last minute… has to be at work at 5 a.m. in the morning… a 9 o’clock show where Pierce probably won’t even take the stage until 10 is no good for her.

I have another friend that likes Pierce but I think for his reputation’s sake he doesn’t hang out with me so much… only if it’s a group activity. I don’t know how else to really say that or…. Maybe he just doesn’t like to hang out with me. Hmmm that might be the crueler (more likely) scenario. Either way, I knew he was not an option.

But, I just got an invite from a couple of folks going. Holy Cow! I so didn’t see that coming. In a million years, I didn’t see that coming. That’s why I call it a miracle. We could call it the Pierce Pettis miracle of 09. I think that would work. J I also think it is proof that God loves me. That he sees even the smallest desires of my heart and takes note. I absolutely talked to God about the concert earlier this morning… asking that I wouldn’t have to regret not going so much and now I’m going. There is no other way to spin it. Seriously, me going to see Pierce tonight is a God thing. I must call it as I see it. Thank you God for loving me.

I am so glad you got to go! I would have loved to, but the night of solid sleep is what I think pushed me over the edge to feeling better.

Next time, though. :)
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