Wednesday, August 19, 2009


off the deep end

Well dang it! just blogged and my computer ate it! It was a lot of complaining really so maybe it's for the best.

The lost blog ended however with this youtube clip. It sort of sums my life up right now... only this fellow is a bit more upbeat. It's from the BBC show Black Book. I swear if I was a bookstore owner and not a librarian... this would be me! Only, I don't think I'm that grumpy... just overwhelmed. I went off the deep end this morning and sadly I have no intentions of climbing back up at the moment... no point.

I love you and I'm thinking good thoughts for you. You have a worse situation, I promise, but I spoke with two other librarians today who said they were considering walking out for similar reasons. Just so you know, I would clean up my craft room for you and Jesse to move in if it came to that.
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