Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Random Stuff

Soooo I'm still tired. I haven't been good at going to sleep this week.... not too bad, but not good. I need a vacation even though I just got back from the beach about 4 weeks ago... and I am still hating my ovaries. HATE THEM! Any questions? Probably not... but that's good. Doubt I'd answer. But seriously... oh, never mind... Anyway, I sort of feel I can make this confession because I'm thinking that at most 3 people read this... and they are all chicks. So, what does it matter.

On the other hand, I'm not all grumpy or depressed or anything... I'm still loving hanging out with my little niece and nephew. LOVE them! Monday night, picked up G (he's about 16 months old) he put his head on my shoulder and patted my back. What in life is better than that? NOTHING!

Oh and in my humble opinion, I make the yummiest green beans ever. Not the healthiest, but the yummiest... also, these are good for lazy people. Not a lot of effort. Good stuff. I fry 'em up in a skillet in butter, honey and garlic. Sound good? no matter, cause they are!

How's that from randomness?

Hi! I need to get over here and read your blog more often. I just forget it's here, so I need to put a link on my xanga so I'll remember. That does sound like a great way to make green beans.

Also one of your earlier posts about yelling at God reminds me of the movie "The Apostle" with Robert Duvall. Did you ever see that?

See a later.
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