Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Bad Fortune

Today I went out for Chinese with a friend. We went to Mr. Wang's. Sooo yummy! Before we left we got fortune cookies. Her's read, "you will soon vacation on sunny shores." that was perfect because she really and trully is soon to vacation on Sunny Shores. She's headed for Myrtle Beach in two weeks. With that in mind, I opened my fortune with great hope and expectation... Sort of hoping to see something about a handsome stranger or a lottery. Instead, It read, "you can make a name for yourself in medicine." What? That's odd for a random fortune right. So I thought about it. I'm a humanities girl. I've no knowledge of medicine or any related fields. I don't see how I possibly will ever have that knowledge. So I thought about it some more and realized there are other ways to make a name for yourself in medicine without being a doctor or a researcher. We all have heard of Lou Gehrig, right? Not a good way to get your name known really... Sooo here's hoping none of you ever have Lulalu's disease. Fingers crossed! If it happens, blame Mr. Wang.

hahahaha! Remember the fortune I got with you that time - that I would "soon cross the great water"? And we thought that might be a death-analogy? hahahaha!Still my all time fave one that I got and subsequently saved in my journal was: "Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then".

Just what was that trying to say?????

A much needed laugh, Sweetie. Thanks for the post.

Love you.
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